Suffering from hair problems? Guess what? You are not alone. Almost 35 million people have been experiencing hair loss in the United States ever since 2008, and the numbers continue to rise with each passing year. The President of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Edwin S. Epstein has quoted that hair loss is suffered by 50% of men and 25 % of women all over the world. This problem can occur due to stress, thyroid problems, use of certain drugs, allergies to cosmetics, or genetic reasons.

Hair fall is a huge issue for both the genders. After all, no one wants to sport a bald patch in public, right? Women are more conscious about their hair style, therefore hair fall or baldness has a huge impact on their self-confidence and morale. The biggest issue is that these problems are not restricted to a certain age group anymore. Teenagers and adolescents are being affected by it too.

The important question is how to stimulate regrowth? The answer is simple: it is best to opt for natural hair regrowth. It is the safest form of treatment available as it does not require any surgery and is completely painless in nature. There are various methods to achieve the above purpose such as:

* There are many natural regrowth products that are available in the market nowadays. It can be a medicated solution or come in the form of a gel with detailed directions of usage. Make sure that you are buying from a reputed brand after consulting a therapist. Products that are not genuine can lead to dangerous consequences.

* In case you don’t have the time to apply gel to your hair, then you can easily opt for vitamin pills. Consult your doctor to know more about the types of pills. You can also eat more vegetables and fruits that are a rich source of vitamins that will stimulate the natural hair regrowth.

* Herbal remedies are perhaps the closest to natural growth. By using different herbs it is possible to nourish the dead follicles so that they become active and start to grow hair once more. Your therapist can tell you more about the different types of herbs. There are safe and don’t cause any side effects.