Hair Transplant Cost – The Ultimate True Guide for [2022]

Understand your true costs, how to obtain medical financing, get a hair transplant cost assessment… and more.

  • Welcome to the 2022 edition of Sure Hair International’s ultimate true guide to hair transplant cost, the guide was created to answer all your questions about hair restoration surgery costs thoroughly and to help you get a better understanding of the likely cost of your own hair restoration surgery if you are considering the procedure yourself.
Surehair International official hair transplant cost guide

How much does a hair transplant cost?

So how much does surgical hair restoration? Approximately $3,500 to cover a small area and depending on the type of hair restoration procedure you choose, FUT or FUT, can range as high as $15,000 for a large follicular unit extraction procedure, however, for the average patient needing 2500 – 3000 grafts the average cost is $9000.00

The cost of hair transplant surgery can fluctuate significantly based on your degree of hair loss, which can make an estimate difficult, however, later on in this guide, we will provide you with a method that will help you to approximate what it should cost in your case based on your specific degree of hair loss.

Before and After Client Video

    • A few of our client videos by price range and type of procedure (FUT and FUE).
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Top 5 hair restoration cost factors

  1. Location of hair transplant clinic
  2. Choice of FUT or FUE surgical procedure
  3. Price per hair graft
  4. Number of grafts required
  5. Clinic Session Fee or Fee Structure
Top five cost factors

What is the Average Cost per Graft in Canada?

Across Canada, the per/graft price can range by as much as 400%, from as low as $3.00 per/graft to as high as $12.00 per/graft depending on the clinic and its location.

What is the Average Cost Per Graft?

In the GTA Canada, the price per hair graft ranges from $3.50 per/graft to $7.00 per/graft, with the average being $5.50 per/graft.

Calculating your hair transplant cost

The equation is relatively simple, you multiply the price per graft by the estimated total number of grafts required.

How much is 2000 hair grafts?

Based on a $4.00 per/graft price 2000 hair grafts would cost approximately $8,000

  • $4.00(our per graft price) * 2000(number of grafts needed) = $8,000.00

How much is 4000 hair grafts?

Based on a $4.00 per/graft price 4000 hair grafts would cost approximately $16,000

  • $4.00(our per graft price) * 4000(number of grafts needed) = $16,000.00

How many grafts will I need?

Most people don’t know how many grafts they’ll need because they don’t know how many transplanted hair grafts it takes to fill a given area of hair loss or thinning hair to achieve full healthy hair growth? The right answer is not exactly the same for everyone and ranges from 1,200 – 1,500.

Approximating The Number of hair grafts You’ll Need

An area of hair loss that is the size of your fist generally requires 1,200 – 1,500 donor hair grafts each containing at least one hair follicle to fill depending on your hair calibre, angulation, and other characteristics ie: straight, wavy, curly.

Number of Hair Transplant Grafts Required To Fill an area of hair loss the size of a fist

Rule of Thumb: An area of hair loss the size of one Fist Requires an average of 1350 Grafts To Filll

Calculating Your total Hair Transplant Cost

Using this rule of thumb, you should be able to approximate how many grafts you will need within a reasonable margin of error. Do you have a hair loss area of one fist, two fists, or more? Multiply the number of fists by 1350 (average healthy hair follicle density) to get a good approximation of the number of grafts you’ll need, then multiply the number of grafts needed by the per/graft price. Sure Hair International charges an average of $4.00 per graft.

How many surgical sessions will you need?

Most of the time only one hair transplant procedure is needed.

However in cases with more advanced stages of hair loss, on the Norwood scale for male pattern baldness of 4.5 or above will often require more than one session.

Breaking up the hair restoration into two sessions can also help you financially.

Norwood Scale
Norwood Scale For Male Pattern Baldness

Norwood Scale for Male Pattern Baldness

Cost of FUE vs FUT

Which hair transplantation procedure will you choose?

Will you have a Follicular Unit Extraction, also referred to as an FUE procedure? Or will you have a Follicular Unit Transplant also referred to as FUT procedure?

FUE is much more labour intensive than the FUT. Although both are types of hair transplantation and can also be classified as facial plastic surgery, the cost per graft for an FUE hair transplant surgery can be more expensive compared to FUT hair transplant surgery. FUE can cost approximately 30% – 40% more than FUT because extracting donor hair from the patient donor area is much more labour intensive for the plastic surgeon or hair transplant surgeon and his team.

The obvious advantage of FUT over an FUE is cost. However, there is another advantage, the number of grafts that can be harvested from FUE vs FUT can be quite different. FUT will generally yield proportionally more hair grafts than FUE.

Therefore, if you have a relatively large area of hair loss, one FUT session might be the most cost-effective option as it will give you more grafts in one session, getting you closer to a full head of hair more efficiently.


Obtaining a free hair transplant cost estimate

During your consultation, our cosmetic surgery doctor will provide you with an estimate of the number of grafts required to achieve the results you desire and the number of sessions required; usually, only one session is needed.

Where To Apply For Financing?

Where to Obtain Medical Financing for surgical hair replacement in Canada? For many individuals, financing for surgical hair restoration has been a hurdle that frequently stops them from making the decision to move forward.

Presently most clinics do offer financing options that will reduce, “upfront” costs to zero or nearly zero.
It’s relatively easy to qualify for financing options, and payments can be as low as $119.00 – $149.00 per month.

Medicard has been proudly helping Canadians turn their hair restoration dreams into reality by offering simple and affordable financing solutions since 1996, visit our medical financing page if you would like to learn more about medical financing.

Financing Repayment Schedule on $6000 Financed

Example Repayment Schedule on $6000 Hair Transplant Financing.

Financing Repayment Schedule on $7000 financed

Example Repayment Schedule on $7000 Hair Transplant Financing.

Are hair transplant Procedures covered by OHIP?

For most candidates, hair transplant surgery is an elective surgery, which means the costs must be covered by the patient and not by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), most private health insurance plans also do not cover the costs for any type of cosmetic surgery such as hair implants, hair plugs, Neograft hair restoration, tummy tuck or breast augmentation, the costs must be covered by the patient.

The only exception is when the procedure is part of reconstructive surgery from an accidental injury or disfigurement that could potentially be covered under some medical insurance plans including OHIP.

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