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Welcome to the most award-winning hair transplant Toronto has to offer! Sure Hair International is a leading Canadian hair loss treatment centre and a consecutive six-time Consumer’s Choice award winner with over 25 years of experience.

Over 16,500 Hair Transplantation Clients to date.

Our team has successfully completed hair transplant surgery on over 16,500 patients and provided non-surgical hair restoration treatment for many more. There are very few if any clinics in The Greater Toronto Area, or even in Canada that can claim similar amounts of experience, which is why we feel that the hair transplant surgery team here at Surehair International have more experience than any other hair transplantation clinic in Toronto or across Canada.

Awarded Best Toronto Hair Restoration Centre by Consumer's Choice for 6 Consecutive years

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Hair loss treatment that’s affordable

Our mission is simply to employ the very best hair restoration surgery techniques and the most advanced hair replacement technologies in order to provide each patient with world-class yet affordable hair restoration.

Exclusvely Dedicated to Hair Restoration Surgery

10 Month Post-op on Norwood 3 pattern after 2000 Graft FUE Hair Transplant

Based on our experience it requires an incredible amount of skill, dedicated practice, and focus in order to consistently produce truly exceptional results, so unlike many other “hair transplantation clinics” in Toronto our clinic is not a general practice cosmetic surgery clinic, operated by a plastic surgeon performing, hair transplant surgery in between breast augmentation, neck surgery and many other forms of facial plastic surgery. We focus exclusively on the art and science of the hair restoration procedure because it matters immensely to your final results!

Offering FUT Hair Transplant and FUE hair transplant procedures

At Surehair we offer both of the best hair loss surgery procedures, Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) our focus ensures that Surehair provides only the very best hair transplant Toronto has to offer for each and every patient.

The Surehair Uni-Strand™ Dense Packing Technique

The Uni-Strand™ dense packing hairline reconstructive surgery technique alone improves our results tremendously because we are able to achieve denser, thicker-looking scalp hair growth with fewer grafts as this method helps ensure a high hair graft survival rate and also allows us to pack the grafts very tightly together on the scalp to reproduce a high-density hairline.

The Surehair Uni-Strand™ Scar Camouflaging Technique

Undetectable Hair Transplant Donor Area Scars

Surehair’s Uni-Strand™ Follicular unit transplantation procedure includes a special type of donor area closure that we have pioneered in our Toronto, Canada surgical centre.

In conjunction with proper postop care, our unique donor site closure allows hair to grow right through the scar, camouflaging the donor area incision extremely well, and allowing patients to wear shorter hairstyles without the hair transplant scar ever becoming noticeable.

Take The Next Step / Hair Loss Consultation

Taking the next step is quick and easy! If you are suffering from thinning hair, androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness and feel you are ready to take the next step and discuss your hair loss with a genuine expert who can diagnose the cause of your hair loss and provide you with truly extraordinary solutions, then we invite you to sign up for an expert hair loss consultation by filling out our online consultation form, and you will be consulting with a genuine hair loss expert with more then 25 years of experience, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by booking a Hair loss consultation with us today!

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Hair Transplant Cost and Pricing

At Sure Hair International, we charge $4.00 per/hair transplant graft, which is less than the average price/graft in Toronto, while still providing absolutely world-class results second to none performed by a surgical hair restoration team with over 120 years of combined hair transplantation experience!

If you would like to learn much more about the costs and pricing of hair transplants, we recommend you read our newly updated Offical Toronto Hair Transplant Guide to Costs it contains up to date information and even shows you how to roughly calculate the total cost of your own hair transplant.

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As Featured On CBS The Doctors and Bloomberg News

As Featured On TV & Network News

As Featured On TV & News Networks

Some of the advanced hair loss technology we use here at Surehair have even been featured in Maxim Magazine, The Doctors, CBS News and used in top New York and Beverly Hills clinics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant procedure is a highly specialized form of facial plastic surgery created to treat hair loss on the scalp generally caused by androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness, the hair transplant surgeon performs reconstructive surgery of the hairline and balding area of the scalp, each individual hair follicle must be placed with precision on the scalp, to produce very congruent angulation while simultaneously ensuring each graft of transplanted hair is handled with extreme care so that each new hair graft will produce very natural-looking healthy hair growth on the thinning or bald area of the scalp skin.

How is a hair transplant procedure performed?

The hair transplant surgeon will anaesthetize the entire scalp, and begin by removing donor hair grafts from the back of the head, either as a strip of hair or as individual hair follicle grafts, each graft will be carefully dissected and implanted in the bald area of the scalp. Each graft is implanted with very specific angulation and density consistent with the patient’s own naturally growing hair. Each graft of transplanted hair is handled with extreme care so that each new hair graft will produce very natural-looking healthy hair growth on the bald area of the scalp skin once the patient heals from the surgery and the new grafts begin growing which is generally three months post-op.

What are the different types of hair transplant surgery?

There are essentially two main types of hair transplant surgery, follicular unit extraction commonly referred to as FUE hair transplants and Follicular unit transplantation commonly referred to as the FUT or strip hair transplant. Others such as the Neograft hair transplant and the ARTAS robotic hair transplant are both also variations of the FUE hair transplant simply using branded names to differentiate the procedures along with some specialized medical equipment.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) works by extracting a singular follicular unit from the back of the scalp at a time and transplanting it to the area of hair loss.

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) works by surgically removing a strip of hair-bearing scalp skin from the back of the head, dissecting it into individual follicular units using a stereoscopic microscope and transplanting the dissected grafts to the area of hair loss.

At Surehair we offer both FUT and FUE hair transplant procedures.

Do hair transplants Work?

Approximately 98 per cent of the time hair transplants do work very well. As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of failure, however as generally reported by some hair transplant surgeons, data collected in the Toronto area the success rate is 98 per cent.

Further to this, a 2016 study indicates that even in hair transplant candidates who would typically get a sub-optimal to poor hair transplant regrowth rate; intra-operative plasma therapy helps 75% or more of the transplanted grafts grow fully mature hairs. This is just one of the reasons why at Sure Hair International we always include intra-operative plasma therapy as an integral part of every hair transplant surgery we perform.