Welcome To The Only Six Time Toronto Consumer's Choice Award Winning Hair Transplant Clinic in Canada

Welcome to Sure Hair International, a leading Canadian hair restoration clinic and consecutive six time Consumer's Choice award winner in the Greater Toronto Area. We have over 25 years experience and 6 clinic locations in Southern Ontario to serve you.

Over 16,000 Successful Hair Transplants and Over 25 Years of Experience

Our Team has over 25 years of experience and have performed over 16,000 hair transplant procedures and many more non-surgical hair restoration treatments at our locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We feel that the surgical team here at Sure Hair simply have more exprience then any other hair transplant clinic in Ontario, and perhaps even in all of Canada, because when you add it all up our team has over 130 years of cummulaitve experience between them!

Toronto's Best Hair Restoration Consumer's Choice Award for 6 Consecutive years

Our Mission Is To Provide Affordable World Class Hair Restoration

Our mission is simply to utilize the very best techniques and the most advanced technologies to provide our clients with world class hair restoration solutions and treatments at prices that remain within reach and affordable to just about anyone.

Focused Exclusively On Hair Restoration

Hair restoration is a highly specialized task, and in our opinion requires an incredible amount of skill and experience to produce truly natural looking results, so unlike a number of other clinics in the Greater Toronto Area we are exclusively focused on the art and science of hair restoration, whether surgical or non-surgical, our clinic has the talent, focus and experience to provide you with truly natural looking world class results, hair is all we do!

3300 Graft Hair Transplant video

Take The Next Step / Free Online Consultation

Taking The Next Step is Free and straight forward! If you feel you are ready to take the next step and discuss your hair loss with a genuine expert who can asses your hair loss cause(s) and provide you with solutions that are truly extraordinary then we invite you to sign up for a free hair loss consultation by filling out our Online consultation form, the consultation is completely free and you will be consulting with a genuine expert with more then 25 years of experience, you have everything to gain and nothing to loose by booking a Free Online consultation with Us.

Hair Transplant Expert Consultation

Hair Transplant Guide for 2021 : Costs, FAQ's and More

If you would like to learn more about surgical hair restoration before deciding about what's best for you then we invite you to read our newly updated [2020] Hair Transplant Toronto Ultimate Guide, it will provide you with answers to most of your most pressing questions about hair transplants in the GTA and in Canada, along with tips for improving the final result, along with up to date pricing information and what to expect and much more.
SureHair's Hair Transplant Buyer's Guide

As Featured On CBS The Doctors and Bloomberg News

As Featured On TV & Network News

As Featured On TV & News Networks

Some of our hair loss solutions have even been featured in Maxim Magazine, The Doctors, CBS News, Bloomberg News and many other well known publications & Media outlets

A Few Of Our Latest Customer Google Reviews

Focused On Innovating Superior Hair Loss Solutions

We work very diligently here at Sure Hair International to provide our clients with the very best of both worlds, hair loss solutions that incorporate the safest, most advanced technologies yielding superior results that also help us take advantage of new efficiencies which in turn also allow us to keep our services affordable and easily within reach for most people.

For example a manual FUE hair transplant is very labour and time intensive, making them unnecessarily expensive in light of the latest advances in medical robotics, with the advent of advanced medical robotics we are able to reduce the time required and our cost to the patient while still providing results which are quite simply superior to anything available at just about any price.

Hair Replacement Services To Surpass Your Expectations.

We offer an entire range of hair loss treatments designed to meet your budget and surpass your highest expectations. Maybe you're a great candidate for our exclusive Uni-Strand® Robotic or Manual FUE Hair Transplant? Or Perhaps one of our FDA approved clinical Laser Light Hair Therapy Treatments, along with our latest non-surgical Medical Hair Regrowth Treatment is right for you?

Or, If you prefer a quicker and completely natural non-surgical solution, then our NT Graft Hair Replacement Systems are among the most advanced hair replacement systems available anywhere, for both men and women.

Hair Transplant

The Complete Guide

FUE Hair Transplant

Read our complete Hair Transplant Buyers Guide you'll learn about costs, how FUT & FUE hair transplants differ, and which might be best for you, what to expect after your hair transplant, get answers to top frequently asked question and more

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Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration for men and women

Sure Hair is a Canadian leader in Hair Replacement offering a variety of Non-Surgical hair restoration options for both men and women. Whether you are experiencing severe hair loss or just want to integrate some more hair, we can help.

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Scalp Treatments

Laser Hair Therapy

laser hair therapy treatments

Effective Solutions for those looking to treat and prevent hair loss. Our proprietary topical treatments combined with professional Laser Hair Growth Therapy will leave your scalp feeling invigorated and your hair looking thicker!

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Regrowth Treatment

Medical Hair Therapy

Medical Hair Regrowth treatment

Our Medical hair regrowth treatment is a non-surgical treatment that is widely used in the medical field. Among its many therapeutic applications is a new treatment for hair loss, and has been yielding very promising regrowth results.

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