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Unfortunately, some people look at a hair transplant and they immediately know it’s a hair transplant. Often the patient has had a hair transplant using older technology that made the results look pluggy or like a doll’s hair.

Large unnatural-looking rows of hair grafts were transplanted into the scalp without using microscopes, or any of the modern refined techniques, a few decades ago and some of those people are still suffering from a bad hair transplant.

hair transplant repair

In cases like these, clients often turn to Sure Hair International for a hair transplant repair session.
The reality is that the only hair transplant that is spotted is a bad one. Sure Hair International is devoted to performing the very best hair transplant repair work, or even fixing outdated transplants that could be further refined.

A small one, two or three hair follicular units can be delicately transplanted with artistic planning to fix noticeable or bad transplants. The results should be perfectly natural and virtual undetectable. People with good transplants just get seen and not noticed.


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