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Over 25 years and thousands of successful Hair Transplant surgeries, Sure Hair International has offices in Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Hamilton, Pickering & London Ontario, Canada.

We have the experience and a track record of consistently providing our clients with top-notch results. Our hair transplant doctors are experts in the field and are outstanding members of the following associations so we stand behind our results 100%.

  • The International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • The Association of Clinical Research Professionals
  • The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • The American Academy of Dermatology
  • The American Board of Dermatology
  • The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • The American Society of Dermatologic Surgery
  • The American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery

Uni-Strand™ and ARTAS™ Robotics A Synergistic Combination.

In 2003 we innovated the uni-strand™ set of surgical techniques, designed to refine and improve upon existing industry-wide common surgical techniques.

Uni-Strand™ is based on our own 25 years of clinical experience. The result is a hair transplant and resulting hairline that is natural, thick, and truly undetectable.

First In Toronto To Incorporate R-FUE (Robotic-FUE)

After innovating and incorporating Uni-Strand™ our patient’s results surpassed even our highest expectations, 14 years later in 2017, we were the first in the GTA to introduce highly advanced medical robotics for extremely precise extraction of follicular units, often referred to as a FUE Hair Graft, but now extracted with the help of highly advanced medical robotics, to ensure precise, flawless extraction of each graft with complete consistency with what we are coining R-FUE. Our new hybrid procedure simultaneously reduces both the time required and the cost of your hair transplant compared to other clinics in Toronto.

A Synergistic Combination Yielding Outstanding Results

Together, the ARTAS® medical robotics, coupled with our own Uni-Strand™ set of surgical techniques have yielded world-class results, and what we believe to be the best hair transplant results available anywhere.

Artas Graft Removal Illustration

Quite simply put there is no other clinic employing both of these advanced innovations. Safely and gently removing the follicular hair units with precise, flawless extraction, one by one with advanced medical robotics, and then implanting the grafts perfectly every time utilizing the time tested uni-strand™ set of innovative surgical techniques.

The Uni-Strand™ Difference

The Uni-Strand™” Stick and Place” method is just one of a set of surgical techniques that we have placed under the “Uni-Strand™” methodology.

Stick and Place – Perfectly Implanted Single Grafts

The Uni-Strand™ “Stick and Place” method ensures that we are able to perfectly implant even the smallest single unit hair grafts into the scalp without damaging the hair bulb, so the graft does not die or end up producing a sub-par hair following the hair transplant, and also that it is implanted at the correct angulation to the scalp, so it looks as if the hair shaft is growing out of your scalp at the correct angle..

Denser, Thicker Looking Results

This single Uni-Strand™ “stick and place” method alone improves our results tremendously because we are able to achieve denser/thicker looking results with fewer grafts, as this method helps ensure a high hair graft survival/success rate when transplanting.

The Uni-Strand™ Stick and Place Method Protects The Hair Grafts

Unfortunately, as the hair transplant surgical procedure itself has become more and more refined over the years surgeons have struggled to find pragmatic, effective and efficient ways to implant thousands of tiny grafts into thousands of tiny holes consistently, at the correct angle without damaging a significant number of grafts, hence producing results that are less than desirable.

The Uni-Strand™ stick and place technique solves this problem perfectly.

The “stick and place” technique allows us to place only perfectly trimmed single hair grafts one at a time to achieve a hairline that most thought only mother nature could create. And now with the advantage of the most advanced medical robotics, The Artas Robotic FUE Hair Transplant.

Whether you need “just a little”, or an extensive amount of hair restoration, Sure Hair has the experience, talent and technology to achieve the transplant results that are second to none.

Please feel free to watch a few of our client videos below or read some of our client reviews Sure Hair International Reviews page to read what a few of our past clients have said about our services.

Artas Robotic Hair Transplant Video

3300 Graft Hair Transplant

Indian Male FUT 3500 Graft Hair Transplant - Norwood 3

Caucasian Male 6 Months post-op 3500 Grafts

3500 grafts FUE high density transplant Norwood 3

4200 Graft Hair Transplant Norwood 7

3700 Graft FUT Hair Transplant

2000 FUE Lowering of Hairline

2000 FUE Crown Hair Transplant – Crown Hair Loss

Norwood 3 - FUT 3300 Grafts

FUE Hair Transplant

High Density Hair Transplant

Asian Male Hair Transplant Video

Artas Hair Transplant Explained

Perfect Crown Swirl Hair Transplant

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