Having worked as a Hair Transplant Advisor for 5 years, I field questions, myths, realities and wake up calls on a daily basis. I do so because I myself once looked in the mirror and saw hair loss and decided to get surgical hair restoration at a random clinic which resulted in a horrible looking, unnatural and pluggy hairline which sent me into a depression for years. My salvation came at the hands of a great clinic in 2006 who repaired my bad transplant and gave me the natural hairline I enjoy today. In the articles throughout this page you will see a truly comprehensible and detailed outline of anything/everything you need.

This article is going to talk about hairline design and the shortcomings of most clinics. The best way to show this is take our favourite people – celebs.

Look below: we have David Beckham and that other guy… NEITHER HAVE HAD ANY WORK DONE! TRUST ME WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT IS LUCKY MEN WITH FULL HEADS OF HAIR!! However look at their hairlines carefully. Let’s start with Beckham.

If you look at Beckhams hairline from the right temple going towards the mid-frontal tuft you will see that the hair closest to the right temple angles forward and slowly begins to angle inward towards the mid-frontal tuft. The hair are not all straight forward – nature does not make hairlines with the hairs all angled in the same direction facing the same angle and direction.

Let’s take a look at our second example. You will see that Jake’s hair goes in the opposite direction from the mid-frontal tuft towards the right temple point. It is possible that he has put in a lot of gel or product and angled it this way; however, there are a lot of individuals Brad Pitt comes to mind; who have this type of angulation naturally.

The point is that when you see a hairline that’s been recreated by a surgeon, and let’s say that the you can not detect or see the grafts, so the work itself looks “good” – the average Joe is still going to look at the hairline and think “There’s still something not quite truly natural about it”

Well – I can tell you quite simply it is the angulation. The issue is that it is quite hard to do this, takes a lot of time not only to train the planters to perfect this and then the actual time to plant and angle each hair at a slightly different angle, and this is why the norm in the industry is “all hairs face the same angle and hey it looks pretty good so there ya go”. It is my personal opinion that if you want a truly natural hairline you need to be cognizant of this and ensure you get it done. How many clinics out there do this? I’m unsure – sadly not many and far and few between. Do you want a good – even great result?

That’s a no brainer to me. Here’s a before and after of done at our clinic and a close up of the angulation 10 days post op of a different patient. That’s care! That’s a truly undetectable hairline with the natural angulation mimicked by hand. I think DaVinci himself would look at that hairline and think over an Italian Dinner “That’s one spicy meat a ball hairline!”