The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul

Eyebrow Hair Restoration
The Eyebrow hair transplant was originally introduced for patients who had suffered from burns, motor vehicle accidents, sports injury or congenital malformations of the eye. However, since this procedure has been perfected, people suffering from eyebrow loss now have an available medical alternative.

If the eyes are the window to the soul then the eyebrows are the frame and accentuate the eyes along with the face. To be perfectly honest bad eyebrows make for a bad look, and most women understand that by shaping, waxing, plucking and even threading their unruly eyebrows.

Woman or man, eyebrows can make a major difference to the appearance of your face. However its easy to go too far and remove too much, leaving hardly any eyebrow definition. To make matters worse eyebrows can take a long time to grow back, if they grow back at all.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant The Perfected Medical Alternative

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Photo Gallery
In the past, some people opted for eyebrow tattoos to recreate lost eyebrow hair, but tattoos can be obvious and look unnatural. Eyebrow transplants will give you natural-looking eyebrows and a final result that you will be happy with.

Eyebrow transplants can also be used simply to thicken existing eyebrows or fill in sparse ones. This is where eyebrow restoration comes in handy. So what is involved in an eyebrow transplant surgery?

The latest techniques tend to involve removing a very fine strip of skin in the scalp region (the donor site) that has the most delicate and fine hairs. Using a microscope, each hair is carefully chosen. Then small holes are created in the eyebrow region with a custom made blade that is sized to fit the patient’s hair follicles perfectly.

These tiny holes are less than 1mm in size. After the holes (the recipient sites) are made, the delicate follicles are inserted into the tiny holes one at a time to produce perfectly natural-appearing eyebrow hair growth.

The whole procedure takes about three to six hours and only local anaesthetic is needed. A patient typically takes a nap and actually leaves feeling refreshed after the procedure! They are alert enough to drive home.

Our staff follows up with the patients for the next few nights to make sure that all is well.

The results are not immediate and can take a couple of months before the newly transplanted eyebrow hair grows through the skin, and another couple of months before the eyebrows are properly defined again.

The new eyebrow hair may also need to be trimmed on a regular basis.

Eyebrow restorations and transplants are not a new cosmetic surgery idea, however, hair transplant surgery has gotten a lot more sophisticated in the last decade.

Previously, it had always been difficult to fully replicate the natural angle and growth of eyebrows. Our expert staff here at SureHair International have successfully conducted hundreds of eyebrow transplant surgeries and mastered this technique for a more natural-looking eyebrow solution.

Visit Our Eyebrow Hair Transplant Photo Gallery To See Some Of Our previous Client’s results.

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