Most hair loss problems are connected to an increased level of male hormones, called dihydrotestosterone. This hormone is present in specific quantities in both men and women. It adversely affects the productive function of the follicles, discouraging growth and causing the remaining hair to become thinner over a period of time, until it drops out completely. According to the statistics published by, 40% of all men experience noticeable hair loss by the time they turn 35, 65% by 60 years of age and 80% by 80. Many take recourse to different cosmetic and natural methods to counter hair fall. Natural hair regrowth treatment is the best solution to hair fall problems.

Natural Hair Regrowth Treatment: Remedying Hair Loss Problems

Natural hair regrowth treatment procedures are being increasingly preferred by most people, since they do not entail any major side effects. There are several alternatives to the conventional pharmacological measures. Some of them are:

Homeopathy: This system of medicine utilizes distilled organic substances and adopts several routes to address hair loss issues. A professional homeopath’s remedies would include kali sulphuricum and carbonicum, fluoric acid, lycopodium, tissue salts as well as phosphorus, selenium and natrum mur, depending on the level of severity. The DIY option is absolutely closed here, since the efficacy of the treatment would greatly depend on dilution accuracy ratios. Homoeopathic results take a longer time to unfold; however, they do eliminate problems on a permanent basis.

Aromatherapy: Although it does not have a scientific basis, aromatherapy has become a popular treatment for baldness. Aromatherapists utilize oils from bay, cedar wood, lavender, lemon, rosemary and thyme. Roman chamomile, grapefruit and jojoba are also used quite extensively. Experts believe that by massaging the scalp with such compounds and partially dispersing the essence into the air, one can bring about a combined absorption-inhalation reaction in the patient, which apparently arrests hair loss.

Ayurveda: This ancient Indian medicinal discipline involves massages and ingestion of herbal formulations. The herbal potions and combinations are made from honey, aloe vera, arnica, brahmi and mulberries, among many others fruits and vegetables.

However, all these approaches must be adopted only after consultation with a professional practitioner because the benefits of these therapies are dependent upon the quantities ingested.

There are also some effective natural hair regrowth solutions such as rosemary and sage, spirulina, kelp, henna, burdock, nettle and cayenne.