How do you pay for your hair transplant?

medical financing solutions

Sure Hair International facilitates and accepts medical financing, Interac payments, checks, cash, and all major credit cards. If financing is a consideration we encourage you to contact us or setup a free consultation to discuss your financing options and avoid any delays with your hair restoration procedure if you have come to the conclusion that a hair transplant is worth it for you.

Hair Transplant Costs Guide

In order to help you get a solid understanding of the costs involved in a hair transplant procedure we have created one of the most authoritative hair transplant cost guide in Canada about what affects your hair transplant cost. The guide has been extremely helpful to countless individuals seeking the best results at the best price possible.

Third-Party Financing Options

Medical financing is available to our patients in Canada from a few private financial institutions. We do not offer direct in-house financing. However, we have partnered with the best Canadian medical financing companies available in order to offer our patients the most competitive medical financing rates with companies that specialize in medical financing for hair transplant patients.

Hair Transplant Financing Sample Monthly Payments Table

Loan Amount 12 Months 7.8% APR 24 Months 7.8% APR 36 Months 7.6% APR 48 Months 8.0% APR 60 Months 8.6% APR 72 Months 8.6% APR
$6,000 $539 $288 $205 $165 $143 $130
$7,000 $628 $336 $239 $193 $166 $152
$8,000 $718 $384 $273 $220 $190 $173
$9,000 $808 $432 $307 $248 $214 $195
$10,000 $898 $480 $342 $276 $238 $217
$11,000 $987 $528 $376 $303 $261 $238
$12,000 $1,077 $576 $410 $331 $285 $260
$13,000 $1,167 $624 $444 $358 $309 $282
$14,000 $1,257 $672 $478 $386 $333 $303
$15,000 $1,346 $720 $512 $413 $356 $325
Please note: all figures pertaining to sample loan amounts, terms, APRs, and payment amounts are considered as the most accurate estimates available at the time of publication and are presented solely for illustrative purposes. The actual terms may be subject to variance based on prevailing benchmark interest rates, the specific lender’s policies, individual credit scores, creditworthiness, and other relevant factors. It is important to note that these financial arrangements are neither funded nor underwritten by Sure Hair International. The provision of financing is facilitated through third-party entities.

How to Apply Online

Apply for Medical Financing in Canada With Medicard. Medicard has been proudly helping Canadians finance their surgical hair restoration by offering simple and affordable financing solutions since 1996.

With Medicard’s flexible terms, from 6 months up to 72 months, and fixed low monthly payment options, you can stop delaying and schedule today!

Medicard is happy to offer loans with no down payments, no prepayment penalties and industry leading interest and approval rates. Applying is quick, confidential and easy, just pick up the phone and call 1-888-689-9876 or visit

Apply online with Beautifi for flexible hair transplant financing in Canada

Apply online in minutes and approved in seconds! Approval for the best cosmetic surgery financing is fast and easy with no impact to your credit score. Create a custom payment plan for elective surgery that suits your needs. Beautifi offers terms from 6 months to 6 years, insuring your monthly payments fit with your budget, apply online today