While the use of hair pieces as adornments dates back to the 16th century, wigs were extensively used even further way to the age of the Pharaohs in Egypt. Most often, Pharaohs would shave off their heads to do away with vermin infections and wear wigs instead. However, wigs have come a long way since then. Today, when you seek to purchase hair pieces they are every bit an extension of your natural hair in their look and feel. High-quality hair pieces are indistinguishable from natural hair and are known to create a truly original look. Gone are the days when wigs were synonymous with ugly and artificial add-ons, which would stick out like a sore thumb. Most often, chronic and acute hair loss might motivate people to resort to these hair loss solutions. Although the cost of high-quality wigs may be high at times, these could prove to be the only available option in many cases.

Purchasing Tips
It is important to read up a bit on the styles, mechanisms and makes of hair pieces before proceeding to make the final purchase. Some aspects that need to be looked into include:

* Consider the shape of your head as well as the contours of your face before selecting a wig for yourself. You also need to keep your skin tone in perspective. This could be especially crucial if you are opting for readymade wigs.

* The base used in hairpieces is known as the foundation. Most hair replacement system wearers prefer a silicon base, as opposed to the traditional netted one. This is because silicon foundations are known to impart a more natural look.

* You need to choose your attachment options as per your suitability. One option is to attach the hair pieces with the help of clips. However, the flip side would be that these could actually fall off as a result of rigorous activity. The other option is to use snaps, where the wig is sewn with the natural hair by a hair expert. This will secure the hairpiece but since the attachment is not readily removable, there could be hygiene problems.

* Hair pieces made from natural hair needs to be washed frequently, conditioned and blow dried. Synthetic fibre pieces would require cleaning once a week and then towel dried. Buy the one that seems more comfortable.

These basic tips can help you choose the most suitable option from the range of available hairpieces and hair systems. You should also consider the colour of your natural hair when you make your final choice.