We specialize in 100 % human hair for our NT Medical Hair Systems. Partial or complete hair loss can be emotionally devastating, however there are ways to minimize the emotional impact and aid you in moving towards a healthier sense of esteem about your outward appearance, one of those aids is called the “NT Medical Hair System”.

Instead of limiting a patient to mass produced wigs and “off the shelf” hair systems which generally do not provide a healthy looking appearance. An NT Medical Hair System is considered by many one of the few hair systems that provides a completely natural, comfortable and healthy outward appearance to individuals dealing with medically induced hair loss.

When a patient experiences hair loss as a result of Alopecia, radiation treatments or chemotherapy treatments, an NT Medical Hair System will replace all of the patient’s hair to the exacting density, color and texture matching precisely the aesthetic appearance they had before the hair loss. Patients can sleep, shower and perform all normal daily activities as if the system is their own growing hair.

NT Medical Hair Systems are custom designed not to appear too uniform, artificial, too thick or stiff.

All of our NT Systems are custom designed with exacting density, color characteristics and modern styling to produce a perfectly natural appearance.

Replacing hair after medically induced hair loss is important as it has been proven that a patient who achieves and maintains a healthy image during the recovery process will benefit tremendously from it.

They will be more confident about their appearance, enough to continue with their normal, healthy lifestyle.

Sure Hair International is a full service hair replacement center with well trained on-site technicians providing competent, friendly and professional services to our clientèle.

Our 7 GTA and South Western Ontario locations offer private settings to ensure your privacy and that you feel completely at ease during your visit. We see clients exclusively by appointment for this reason.

Call our appointment desk at 905-890-6950 and visit one of our private by appointment only clinics to have one of our specialists demonstrate our NT Medical Hair Systems.

NT Medical Hair Systems range in price from $575.00-1795.00 depending on size, hair length and type of human hair. We manufacturer our NT medical systems with the finest in Human hair from Europe, India and Asia. Our systems are hand crafted to precisely match your original hair’s characteristics.

If you have private health or medical coverage, most insurance companies will insure you for medical conditions and can assist in the purchase of a hair prosthesis. An official receipt will be issued to you in order to allow you to claim your partial or full reimbursement from your insurance carrier. Check with your insurance carrier to see if you qualify.

A donation of 5% of all sales from Sure Hair NT Medical Hair Systems will be donated to local cancer treatment centers to help in the care of many of our patients. If you no longer have any use for your NT medical hair system, Sure Hair will donate our time to re-style and deliver these 2nd hand NT medical hair systems and donate them back on your behalf to treatment centers for those not able to afford their own custom made hair systems.

Wigs, Hair Systems and Chemotherapy May 29, 2014