Advanced Hair Replacement Systems.


Integration Hair..
Integration Hair
Integration Hair

If surgical hair replacement is not the option for you, we offer an alternative that does not require surgery or any down time, but will still let you achieve the head of hair you desire.

The innovative NT hair replacement system has been created to replicate your normal hair individuality. Incorporating all of your most delicate hair characteristics; our advanced hair replacement system will not appear any different from your own naturally growing hair.

A hair replacement system designed to match all of the characteristics of your own natural hair.

  • Our NT hair replacement systems are an ideal option for both men and women who desire a full head of hair without undergoing any surgical procedure.
  • Our NT hair replacement systems are designed specifically to match all of your natural hair characteristics; customized to replicate your unique individual hair’s qualities based on your personal color, density and texture..
  • Our NT hair systems can be fastened using a variety of medical grade, semi-permanent attachments that will be personalized to your specific needs and requirements. Our medical grade adhesives give you the flexibility of maintaining your everyday activities without worry.
  • Our NT hair system bases can be customized using a variety of French or Swiss lace, monofilament silk and clear poly to match your current needs. All of our systems are made with the finest quality of 100% human hair only.
  • Our NT hair systems are flexible enough to be fine-tuned to integrate with any existing hair loss and completely match your own growing hair when properly applied by a hair replacement specialist at Sure Hair International hair replacement clinics in Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Hamilton, Pickering & London Ontario.



Single Strand Insertion

NT 0NT 0.

Uni-Strand Hair System

Uni-Strand NT-1 – This system is considered the “Rolls Royce” of hair systems; the NT1 is infused into a very thin second layer of skin and is 100% human hair. This fine skinned base is affixed with virtually no seams allowing it to have a very natural look and feel. This system is suggested for extra light and light density alone and therefore, is required to be purchased more often.

 Perfect Hairline

BeforeNT 8  
Uni-Strand NT-4 – This system is quite popular among our clients who prefer a system with more strength and durability. The NT4 has a strong monofilament silk base and durable poly perimeter. The front hairline has a fine matrix of French lace to assist in maintaining a natural look and continue to give you the versatility in styling.

Blends Perfectly with your own hair

Before NT 1..NT 1.
Uni-Strand NT-8  – This system is among one of our most popular systems with our experienced hair system clients. French lace as well as a light poly coating from temple to temple, gives the wearer the ability to have a light-weight system with the versatility, suppleness and natural appearance.

Completely Natural Results!

Before and AfterIntegration Hair..

Medical Hair – Generally applied for acute cases of hair loss or medical hair loss such as Chemotherapy patients or victims of Alopecia Areata. These hair systems can be fashioned, colored and created entirely to disguise general hair loss or erratic hair loss patterns in both men and women.

Custom Hair System or Stock Hair System – what’s the difference?

Custom systems are made to mimic your own natural hair and head shape. When ordering a custom system, a specialized hair replacement technician takes a mold of your head to create a very exact size of the system that you will require. A customized order will be filled out containing all the specifics that are required for your custom system, including colour, length, density and texture.

Integration HairIntegration Hair.
Since a custom system is only made to order it will therefore will take up to 12 weeks before it is sent back to our service centre from our manufacturing facility.

Average cost of a custom system is $1000+HST and up depending on size, hair length and density.

Each of our custom pieces comes with a Sure Hair warranty that is valid for 30 days from the period of application. If any of our custom-made hair systems are faulty, a new system or repair will be applied free of charge.

Stock systems:

Though stocks systems are fabricated by the same manufacturer who produces our custom systems, these systems are pre made in bulk with an average hair density, colour and base shape.

Most stock systems can be adjusted for a proper fit; however, if you desire a specific shape, size or colour requirements, a stock system may not be your ideal choice.

If you require a system sooner than our averages wait time of 12 weeks, a stock system will be your ideal option as the average wait time for a stock system is approximately one week.

An average cost of a stock system is $500+HST and up depending on hair system size and hair length. Plus, and additional charge for application and cut in may be required.

There is no Sure Hair warranty on any of our stock systems.


1. An initial free consultation will be booked with our hair loss consultant to advise you on your best options for hair replacement.

2. If you choose to purchase a system, an appointment will be booked with one of our hair replacement specialists to assist you in designing and obtaining the proper base, size, density for your customized hair system requirements.

Your technician will discuss with you your options on possible styles that will work best with your features and the system that has been selected.

They will determine the proper size system for your specific hair loss condition or situation, ensuring to maintain as much of your natural hair as possible.

3. The hair replacement specialist will consult and advise you on any other steps you will need to take prior to your first hair system cut in.

4. The custom system order will be sent to our manufacturing facility where they begin creating your custom system. The average wait time for a new custom system is up to 12 weeks.

5. Once the system is delivered to the Sure Hair service centre an appointment will be set up for you for your initial appointment, where the system will be cut and styled to your liking. Dependent on the size and requirements of the technician, this initial appointment could take up to three hours.

6. Your Sure Hair technician will assist you with a detailed explanation of all maintenance required to keep your system appearing its best. In addition, we will include printed material for you on the matter.

7. Once your initial cut-in is complete we require a check up visit within a week to ensure your experience with your new system is positive. At this time, your Sure Hair technician will make any adjustments to make sure you are completely comfortable with your new hair. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have or address any concerns.

8. Your hair replacement specialist will suggest a future appointment for your next visit. Impending appointment should be booked for future servicing to ensure proper adhesion and care of the system.

Commonly Asked Questions

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