Hair clinics are sprouting up everywhere due to the ever-increasing number of people who suffer from hair loss. Earlier, people had the misconception that the reason for baldness was due to old age. But, this is an extremely incorrect statement, as age is just one of the factors that contribute to hair fall or baldness. Stress, tension, hormone changes, chemicals, cosmetics, drugs, and genetic factors are the various causes of follicle problems that are now being faced by people in the age group of 25-35.

When hair starts to fall, it is women who start to panic more than men do. Hair is an integral part of their physical beauty; therefore baldness or thinning hair is simply unthinkable. But it is just as bad for the men. A guy of just 25 years of age will certainly not want to sport a thinning mane or a bald patch.

Are you experiencing similar problems due to which you don’t go out in public anymore? Relax, because help is at hand. You can easily go for a hair restoration treatment at a good hair clinic. There are two kinds of packages when it comes to a transplant. The first method is the non-surgical method that involves sticking hand-made wigs with a polymer or mesh base to your scalp. The other way is to go for a surgery in which a section of your hair will be cut from the thicker portion of your hair. These follicles will be separated into small units and in turn be threaded into the scalp. After these are implanted, the growth will start again and in a few weeks time you will have luscious and thick hair.

There is yet another procedure that you can opt for. If you are apprehensive about using wigs and undergoing a surgery, then you should try out natural regrowth. You can consult with a therapist and he can prescribe the best technique of regrowth for you. Vitamin pills, gels, medicated solution, and herbs are some of the commonly used means. Make sure that the therapist is certified because recently a rip-off proved that some online pharmacies were faking medicines.

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