How we look is important. It’s not a simple matter of vanity or an obsession with looking the best. And although a nice competition is good for the soul, that isn’t the core reasoning for why individual’s find their appearance key in day-to-day life. For many males and females, hair transplants and hair plugs are integral to people who value their appearance especially concerning their hair. The matter becomes, if necessary, whether which process is better than the other and whether the procedures work to the required capacities. In this understanding, the important diverging factors lie in if the procedures are even applicable to the individual, the affordability, and reliability of the procedures.

Although the general usage of the surgery is entitled Hair Transplantation, the subcategories to be discussed are the literal hair transplants and hair plugs, also known as micro-grafts, and consequently both end up at the same result but are best or preferable for certain individuals over others. The literal hair transplant is where the doctor is to surgically move the hair follicles from one place to another. Hair transplant procedures such as that are the usual for those individuals who are doing the procedures as a result of an accident such as scarring, burning, etc. It is a procedure best used for widespread losses of hair. The micro-grafting of hair is a very precise procedure and is a favorite of popular companies such as Bosley. In the process of micro-grafting, individual hairs are to be placed on the scalp in a similar manner to sewing on an extra strand to a piece of clothing and are better used for smaller areas of the scalp. In such circumstances, there are times where micro-grafting is used for wider spread areas of the scalp, but such instances are expensive and time-consuming for some. For serious cases, hair transplantation is likely the best course, while micro-grafting is better for those who want the comfort in its precision and want a small area of scalp to be done.

At a glance differences are noted, but another difference is of course the expenditure to be used on said procedures. Micro-grafting and hair transplantation are, generally, the same cost. Since the price of said products can be at times changed at the acceptance of the doctor doing the procedure, it can be from either three to six dollars per follicle of hair and range from twelve hundred dollars to twenty thousand. And in some cases, the judgment is up to the individual on whether either procedure, although essentially at the same price, may be added up differently. It is much easier to keep track of each follicle in micro-grafting, while hair transplantation in groupings may be cheaper by default. Consulting with a trusted physician and doctor is always best in any form or type of surgeries since in any procedure things can go wrong. In this case, the prices are the same and either procedure depending on the individual’s preference is at their discretion.

The reliability of the procedures is integral since these are cosmetic surgeries. Looking and appearing complete and correct is absolutely essential to the procedure itself. Both procedures have a median range of ten hours for the hair to take and four to six months for the procedure to be considered complete. At the surgeon’s leisure, it can be deciding if the procedure is to be made in short cycles and meetings or in one session. It is in actuality very rare for the follicles not to take and when done correctly will always allow for continual hair growth. Unfortunately, for the continual hair growth, the hair follicles to be used must be hairs without the known “baldness” gene. Doctors can read whether or not donor areas contain this gene by the thickness, the hair follicles’ elasticity, and the realistic expectations that the doctor has. Since hair follicles can be received from other individuals not just the one the procedure is being made on, based on ethnicity of the patient, and the scalp’s ability to take hold of the hair is crucial to the success of the surgery.

Both procedures hair transplantation and hair plugs are the average procedures for clients who have hair loss. But there are just as reliable choices in the whole category of Hair Transplants and research is integral to understanding which process is of benefit to whom. The general differences of both procedures lie in the time consumption and the necessity of which procedure is best for the individual’s direct problem. If you were a hair plug recipient and need restoration