“A woman’s fear over losing her hair can top the fear of losing her life to Cancer?” – Jan Ping

Emmy award winning hairstylist and cosmetologist as well as a cancer-survivor, Jan Ping, realised this fact while working with patients for the Look Good Feel Better program in the American Cancer Society. This is because losing one’s hair is almost like giving up one’s identity. Therefore, it always proves useful to understand the way one’s scalp changes after the first chemotherapy sitting. This may also make it easy to choose a chemotherapy wig prior to the inevitable hair loss condition.

Chemotherapy Wigs: Adapting to Scalp Changes

Donning chemotherapy wigs are probably the best solution to hair loss that occurs due to cancer. According to dermatologists and hair loss professionals, the scalp becomes weak and sensitive and undergoes several other transformations as more and more hair falls out. The type of hair fall differs from individual to individual. Some notice hair fall in clumps while others face hair loss at an even pace. The texture of the hair also alters noticeably and tends to become thin and fuzzy. Hair stylists and hair loss experts can aid one feel at ease with hair loss and develop the kind of wigs perfectly suited for one’s head.

Make sure that you ask for certain privileges and go through the following procedure before purchasing chemotherapy wigs:

Ask for privacy at hair salons: Most people are self-conscious about hair loss issues. If you are one of them, ask for a private meeting with the stylist you plan to visit to cope with hair loss. Most stylists accommodate their clients’ feelings and sensitivities, and if they refuse, simply switch salons.

Be candid with your stylist: You must speak candidly to your stylist about your hair problem. Inform your stylist about the reason, the doctor’s diagnosis, the medications and anything else worth mentioning. In this way, both of you could work together towards devising the right kind of chemotherapy wig.

Get frequent trims: Get your hair trimmed every few weeks until you shave it off completely or it falls out. Trimming it shorter gradually helps to see the shape of the head. Besides being a less shocker when you already have had a clear view of your scalp, it also makes it easy for your stylist to design your wig.

It is always better to have chemotherapy wigs designed before total hair fall and the original hair style is lost. However, before taking any crucial step, make sure that you take professional help.