Hair loss is one of the most devastating experiences one can go through. It can add to psychological scarring of a person, especially in those who are incurring the problem as a side effect of a long term medical ailment. Chemo-radiation is one of the causes for losing one’s hair, both in adults and children. Many people find it difficult and awkward to fit into the normal social life comfortably after undergoing such treatment that leave them with little or no hair.

Chemotherapy wigs help in restoring the person’s lost confidence and self esteem to certain extent.

There are various other options for post-chemotherapy patients. The good thing is that a few months after the treatment hair growth naturally occurs. However, the process is much slower and the person might need to follow certain specifications to aid the growth. The hair growth would be thin and many people also suffer from graying of their hair and coloring of the hair is not permitted till after the first few months. In the meantime a chemotherapy wig can be used to cover the scalp.

Many companies manufacture and sell specialized chemotherapy wigs for cancer patients and these are a cheaper, effective alternative to other options such as surgical hair replacement and so on.

While opting for chemotherapy wigs, one needs to keep certain aspects in mind –

*Human hair chemotherapy wigs are much preferred compared to synthetic ones. The hair prosthetic needs to allow ample breathing space for the scalp. Synthetic ones may sometimes cause discomfort in this area.

*Look out for a system that would allow performance of daily tasks such as showering and sleeping without any hindrance.

*Your wig should look natural and it should be of the right density, style and color to suit one’s face and personality.

*A job done professionally will do wonders in boosting one’s self image and will speed up the recovery process. One will be able to fit in the mainstream social life easily and things will get back to normal pretty soon.

Hairdresser’s like Trevor Sorbie has a charity called My New Hair which trains hairdressers to cut and shape chemotherapy wigs to make them look more like a real mane for patients. His work has brought smile on faces of many cancer patients.

If you are looking for a trustworthy, professional hair prosthetic clinic then Sure Hair International® can give you the satisfaction of the finest human hair chemotherapy wigs with their NT medical hair systems.