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5on Google,Nov 12, 2017


I came in for my consulatation and it was my 3rd consultation as I visited two other places before coming here. Dr Gupta was great and his team won me over as they heard me out and really made me feel comfortable with everything. The procedure went great, the team was excellent and the whole day went smooth. They really made me feel comfortable and attended to my needs when needed. Post procedure, the healing was a little rough the first few days but that is expected . DR Gupta and his team called, emailed me, kept in touch consistently post procedure to make sure I was doing ok and to follow up on my healing process. I am now 2 weeks post procedure and I am feeling great. I recommend DR Gupta and his team to anyone whose looking to have the FUT procedure done.

5on Google,Nov 05, 2017


I have visited doctor Gupta for consultation and I was pretty much impressed with his explanation about the FUT procedure and his vast experience . I have undergone a FUT procedure (3000 grafts) and I am very impressed with the results that are showing up. I feel he is best one available right now and I highly recommend vising him for any hair transplantation procedure.

5on Google,Oct 29, 2017


Exceptional service. Great friendly staff. Dr. Gupta is very knowledgeable and excellent bed side manner. The procedure went very smooth. Virtually no pain. All staff very attentive to patient needs. I would HIGHLY recommend this clinic.

5on Google,Oct 22, 2017


I had a very good experience at Sure Hair, very professional and knowledgeable staff. I would highly recommend Sure Hair to anyone looking to have a hair transplant performed. Look no further

5on Google,Oct 22, 2017


Very professional. Courteous staff. Excellent results.

5on Google,Oct 19, 2017


The doctor and the staff especially Louise were extremely helpfull during the procedure and afterwards. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the procedure went.

5on Google,Oct 19, 2017


Great service and an excellent team. I was well taken care of every step of the way. Highly recommend!

5on Google,Oct 08, 2017


I had been planning to address my progressively thinning hair loss for a long time and finally made the decision to have the procedure. After considering a number of different specialists I selected Dr Gupta and his team because they only do hair procedures whereas some specialists do all types of cosmetic surgeries. I wanted a specialist who was great at this procedure. When I met Dr Gupta for the initial consultation he was kind thorough and made me feel very comfortable with his professional experience. The procedure was a long day however the entire team was exceptionally attentive and made the experience better than I could have expected. I highly recommend Dr Gupta

5on Google,Oct 08, 2017


Decided on surehair after doing some extensive research and let me tell you I do not regret it. Dr Gupta and his staff were phenomenal. The follow up calls they made everyday really showed me they really care about their clients. The donor area scar is almost non existent and the transplanted area looks amazing. If you are considering a hair transplant, look no further.

5on Google,Sep 30, 2017


What a great team. Made me feel so comfortable and safe. I got excellent results and love my new / improved hairline. Especially happy for the individual follicle transplant so no scarring. The team has exceptional skill at creating natural growth patterns one hair at a time; crafting a new / improved hairline is more than just a skill, it's an art and these folks are artists.

5on Google,Sep 29, 2017


I have experienced 3 transplants from Dr. Gutpa and his team. The experience has been very rewarding given the attractive results from the transplants.The team was extremely supportive and professional during the procedures. They also provide laser light sessions after the procedure to accelerate hair growth in the receipient areas. Fantastic results and a non event given years of enjoyment that will follow.

5on Google,Sep 24, 2017


I am at the two week point after my STRIP surgery and all is healing very well. Dr. Gupta was great from the very start! He explained everything very well and the entire STRIP procedure from start to finish went very smoothly due to Dr. Gupta and his excellent team. I had minimal pain and discomfort post-surgery and so far I am pleased with the results.

5on Google,Sep 21, 2017


I had a very good experience with Dr. Gupta. Great staff, very professional and highly recommend

5on Google,Sep 17, 2017


I had a great experience in his center. Dr. Gupta was very caring, even post OP. I am a physician, I found the staff very professional. Amazingly, the two tech implanted my hair have 25 years of experience.I thank them all, and highly recommend them.

5on Google,Sep 17, 2017


Dr Gupta is very good doctor n he has done a very good job. The staff is very competent and experienced. I highly recommend for anyone to have hair transplant her

5on Google,Sep 17, 2017


From the day I received my consultation at Sure Hair from Dr. Gupta, I have been pleased with the entire process of receiving my hair transplant. Dr. Gupta and his team did an amazing job taking care of me during the entire procedure. In addition, Dr. Gupta stayed in close contact to help me post-operatively with any questions I had. I would definitely recommend Sure Hair for anyone looking to do a hair transplant!

5on Google,Sep 15, 2017


staff were amazing, and the nurses were so caring and gentle with my PRP treatment, thank you!

5on Google,Sep 14, 2017


Outstanding service and results at this clinic. Seasoned professionals with focus to make sure patiants have a good experience and final result. All staff came with paramount experience at each respective niche to deliver a final result.

5on Google,Sep 08, 2017


Very good staff, doctors are excellent, highly recommended!

5on Google,Sep 08, 2017


This was a very good experience with the most professional and accommodating group. Results thus far are great.

5on Google,Aug 27, 2017


I had a PRP trearment. Dr. Gupta made it painless and fast. The clinic had great service and they gave me assurance they would take care of me.

5on Google,Aug 15, 2017


Great group of people really look after you and make the experience very comfortable,the price seems reasonable,the outcome really will determine the over all value of the procedure

5on Google,Aug 12, 2017


Great service and great results. Would recommend to anyone

5on Our Website,Aug 12, 2017


My hair transplant took place 1 year ago. I now have great density with a natural hair line. I am extremely satisfied. Very knowledgeable staff. Great service.

5on Our Website,Aug 12, 2017


My hair transplant took place 1 year ago. I now have great density with a natural hair line. I am extremely satisfied. Very knowledgeable staff. Great service.

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