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5on Our Website,Apr 23, 2017


Very professional and trustworthy service. Strongly reccomend!

5on Our Website,Apr 21, 2017


this transplant has changed my life. It's the best investment I've ever done. Dr. Gupta was very helpful and accomodating. Everything proceeded as he initially described it. His price was better than most that I researched around the GTA area. It's shallow to even acknowledge the fact that I'm a brand new man now because of this make over. It took approximately 5 months and I was back in the saddle I was 10 years ago.

5on Google,Apr 20, 2017


Very Professional Staff, very happy with the results so far.

5on Our Website,Apr 20, 2017


Very happy with Dr. Gupta and his staff. very professional from the initial consult to the procedure and after care. highly recommended.

5on Google,Apr 14, 2017


I find a lot of hair transplant clinics have great pictures of their clients on their websites, but for me what I found to be the proof in the pudding was all the really good videos Sure Hair International had on youtube of past clients showing off their results and talking about how much of a difference they have made to their self esteem, well I took the plunge 16 months ago now, and I look forward to being one of those happy clients on their videos because my hair turned out great and my family can't even tell I had any "work" done. Even though I told them I did!

5on Our Website,Apr 13, 2017


My experience at the transplant center was great. The doctors and staff were so accomodating to my concerns and questions. They made me as comfortable as possible during the procedure and I must say it was a relaxing day considering what was being done.

5on Our Website,Apr 09, 2017


I want to thank Dr. Gupta for doing a great job.I got strip method hair transplant from him.He is great at his work and my experience with him is satisfactory.He guided me all the way from the first consultation to post op.Now i am waiting only to see the results.This is the third week after the procedure.

5on Our Website,Apr 02, 2017


The Sure Hair staff was very professional and Dr. Gupta was very helpful in answering all of my questions. My results were much better than I expected.

5on Our Website,Apr 02, 2017


Very polite staff. Very proffessional service.

5on Our Website,Apr 02, 2017


Great service and results. Dr. Gupta is great!

5on Google,Apr 02, 2017


Excellent service and have great results. I am 2 weeks post surgery.

5on Google,Mar 30, 2017


This was a great experience. Dr Gupta was great. He was fast efficient and to the point. I am very happy with my results.

5on Our Website,Mar 30, 2017


Dr. Gupta was awesome. He was quick efficient and got right doiwn to business. If I was to ever recommend a dr for Hair Transplant surgery I would totally recommend Dr Gupta.

5on Google,Mar 22, 2017


Thank you to the entire team at Sure Hair. I was very worried at first but now I love my results and I'm amazed at my new look. I feel at least 10 years younger and look that way too based on some of the comments I've gotten since I took the plunge.

5on Google,Mar 21, 2017


I have been losing the hair on the top of my head for quite some time but the last few years have gotten quite a bit thinner. I've tried a few different things to regrow some of the lost hair but nothing really gave me cosmetically appreciable results. So I kind of reluctantly choose to get a hair transplant, but it seems to be the only thing that works, after doing the rounds and talking to a few clinics I choose Sure Hair, their results were just as good if not better than most and the price was great too. My surgery was not pleasant but I was basically comfortable, it's been 6 months now and I've got so much hair sprouting up on my thin spots, I'm glad I decided to do this and I'm glad I went with Sure Hair.

5on Google,Mar 18, 2017


Dr Gupta is an expert in this field. A very knowledgeable doctor who looks after each case differently. He advices on the best method of transplant needed and does best. Very kind and does it for a reasonable price. Great team of people who look after you during and after surgery. Thanks Dr Gupta.

5on Our Website,Mar 18, 2017


I am glad to have got my FUE transplant done with Dr. Gupta. An expert with what he does best. He personally identifies each case with its needs and provides you with his expert opinion. The staff have been very helpful during and post op surgery. Fantastic service and I could only wish all my thanks to Dr Gupta and his team. :)

5on Our Website,Mar 16, 2017


Dr. Gupta and his staff did a great job and were very nice and very professional . The results are fantastic. Highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking to get their hair back.

5on Our Website,Mar 16, 2017


This was my second transplant, first being in 2004. Dr. Gupta did a fine job and his staff was very accomodating, professional and friendly. I recomend this clinic to anyone looking to "grow" back.

5on Our Website,Mar 16, 2017


I had an excellent experience. The doctor explained the procedure in advance, the staff were very professional, and I am delighted with the results! I highly recommend Sure Hair!

5on Google,Mar 16, 2017


Excellence experience. Dr. Gupta and his staff did a fantastic job. They explained everything to me from the beginning to the end. They really care about their clients and they did whatever they could to make the surgery as easy as possible. I am very happy with the result I got from their work. I definitely recommand Sure Hair International.

5on Our Website,Mar 16, 2017


It was a great experience, much better than I expected. Doctor Gupta and his staff were very nice, They explained every thing very cleraly and they did fantastic job.

5on Our Website,Mar 12, 2017


I had a great experience having my hair transplant. I didn't really feel any pain. I would recomend it to anyone thinking of doing the procedure.

5on Our Website,Mar 12, 2017


I have had a great experience with better than expected results. Dr. Gupta was very knowledgeable, approachable and friendly. The staff are very professional and made me feel at ease. The experience was most pleasant and I now have a full head of hair!!. Love it.

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