There are a lot of people talking and wondering about Neograft.

The question everyone is asking and the debate on many hair loss forums are quite simple: is this an advantage or a hindrance?

On the bald truth not too long ago, Spencer Korban and Dr Bauman had an in-depth discussion on the subject and weighed out the pros and cons. You can youtube the video to see it.

The reality of Neograft, like any new technology is that it allows/enables surgeries or cosmetic surgeries to improve or hopefully improve. The question is simple: is Neograft one of these technologies which will enhance and revolutionize the field? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Frankly, it depends on the people working with the machine.

At the end of the day, and I can not stress this enough, a hair transplant is an extremely difficult cosmetic procedure that only a handful of Doctors have truly mastered through experience via thousands of surgeries and by a god-given artistic ability that can not be learned. You either have it or you don’t.

While technology always helps us improve – if you have a high-performance vehicle but little to no experience driving at high speeds and handling such a vehicle, the outcome looks grim. I would suggest the same for Neograft. I will always refer to the same principle over and over – whenever getting a surgical hair restoration procedure, you MUST go to an extremely experienced clinic that has produced thousands of results consistently. If a clinic with experience adopts the Neograft device, it is much like a race car driver getting into a new car – it’s still new – but the experience is there and the learning curve will be far less.

To this day – when the debate of FUE vs STRIP comes up, I always state the same – STRIP will always yield a higher growth rate and will cost less money and give you more graft. Neograft or any other type of FUE technique. Thus, Neograft falls into a category that all follicular unit extraction falls into with the same limitations and pros and cons apart from it being faster to extract and plant grafts and increasing survival rate – to what degree at this point is still speculation.

If you insist on having Neograft done on you – the same rule applies. Who’s the Doctor performing the procedure? How much experience does the Dr Have in the Hair Transplant Field? I for one, would not be in the first 100 procedures and admire those who are confident enough to go through with it; however, if I’m a gambling man, I bet on the best guarantee I can and as of right now Neograft is not it.