Hair loss in females is not age-specific anymore. Women are being affected by it all over the world even if they are in the age group of 25-35. It is said that a hair follicle has a growth period of about 2-6 years. After it falls out, a new strand starts to grow in its place. Did you know that we lose between 50-100 strands each day?

Female hair loss can occur due to a variety of reasons. The most common reason is heredity. Fluctuations of the estrogen hormone in women and thyroid disorders also cause hair fall and might lead to baldness. Increase in male hormones like androgen has a very negative reaction on the follicles. A recent study has shown that anxiety, tension, and stress are vital factors that contribute to hair fall.

Are you experiencing a similar problem? After all, possessing beautiful hair is a natural asset for women. A bald patch or thinning hair is a huge source of embarrassment. In fact, it has an emotional effect on the person too. Often it has been observed that women who are suffering from such problems tend to withdraw into a shell and isolate themselves from everyone.

However, you can easily combat this problem by getting the required treatment. Hair transplant is the best method in this case. There are usually two types of transplants:
* Surgical – A surgical solution is used to cut a strip of hair from the area of the head where the growth is thick. This strip is cut into small units (individual follicles) and implanted on the scalp. Choose your surgeon wisely or else you might be left with a permanent scar on the back of your head. You may experience slight swelling in some areas but these will go away in a few days time.
* Non-surgical – This method is perfect for someone who is fearful of undergoing a surgery. Customized wigs made of artificial hair are stuck on the sides of the head. Here also there are two kinds of materials that make up the wig; one is made of polymer that is cheap but causes discomfort and the more expensive one is made of mesh. The mesh is much more convenient as it is comfortable and looks more natural.

The nature and texture of the follicles is very important. So make sure that you consult with a hair specialist before you opt for any procedure. Severe scarring, extreme swelling, and various other disastrous side effects may occur if it is done by an incompetent doctor. is one of reputed clinics in Canada that has been operating for quite some time. They have cured many cases of female hair loss in the past and they will definitely be able to help you out. Call them now!