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Hair Transplant Cost: Why you don’t cheap out to get a hair transplant.
Today, I had 3 gentleman come into our clinic and 2 via email saying they were not willing to pay more than 5000 dollars CAD to get a 3000+ graft transplant. I can not tell you how frustrating it is dealing with this type of ideology.

The number 1 rule of hair transplantation – do not let cost be a factor when getting a hair transplant.

I have written so much about bad transplants, repair cases, poor results; however, it seems as though the general population remains determined to not understand this is a surgical procedure and it is not the same as going to a dentist where the average dental clinic can give you a good result. In North America – there is only 8, maybe 10 clinics I would actually go to for a hair transplant of the thousands of clinics out there. Why? Because that is how many truly do excellent, undetectable work with amazing results.

Patient-12-Nine-Months-Post-300x225and this is AFTER!GET IT DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!
Before I got into the industry I sympathized so much with people who had bad hair transplants done. However, in this day and age with so much information available on the internet, with so many horrible stories and visible bad results we see in real life and the stereotype of horrible results – it amazes me that individuals still seek out cheap hair transplants and thus get butchered and I have honestly stopped feeling bad for those individuals who do not listen to logic.

The logic is this –> There is a reason a good clinic charges more money – there is a lot of overhead for staff and the cost to run and perform a great transplant costs a lot! I can tell you matter of fact that by the time you pay 6 staff, consisting of Doctor and Nurses, for a 10-14 hour surgery date, supply medications, pay for the leasing at the hospital office, the secretary, me!, everything – no clinic in a first world country can do a truly high end transplant with high end staff for less than 6000-9000CAD in order to make a profit.

Think about this logically – when you excel in a highly specified field – what happens? Other companies want you and they offer you top dollar. You then go to your current employer show the offer and they either match the amount or you go to work for the competition. This is no different with Nurses and techs how do such a highly specified job as Hair Transplants. If a clinic is doing a transplant at 5000 + HST for a 2000+ case then one of several things are happening.

1) Their staff is paid low. If the staff who is performing your surgery is not paid well, then they (as in any profession) are either new or not good at doing the work. This is why in so many cases you see horrible results – poor growth, unnatural looking transplants, bad scars etc

2) They rush the surgery. Again – when you pay staff hourly – if you want to truly transplant 3000 grafts – you can’t do it in 7 hours which I hear many patients from other clinic’s say happened to them. Hence why I see over and over a “3000? graft case that looks more like 800 grafts. It’s impossible. You must either be throwing out grafts into the garbage or planting so fast you damage grafts which result in them not growing. Hence again – poor growth, bad results, noticeable hair transplants.
Hence the rule – do not let cost be a factor when getting a hair transplant.

The only thing worse than being bald is paying some hack job of a liar a few thousand dollars to butcher you . You’ll regret it and that is why you hear so many people saying online “I can’t believe I got a horrible transplant and I wish I could shave my head!” Whereas those who are smart go “Wow, I spent good money but I got all my damn hair back and I love the way my hair looks!”
It’s your choice, it’s an easy one to make.

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