Essential oils are taking the world by storm; it’s an easy way to stimulate natural hair growth, shine, and strength. Oils can be massaged into the hair, combined with shampoos, or simply left in overnight for a deeper conditioning experience. Here is a list of stimulating oils, which can affect your hair’s appearance:

Jojoba oil is native to the southern United States. It tames frizzy locks, and removes crusted buildup of dirt and natural oil from the scalp, including dandruff. Regular use of the oil can promote hair growth, and promoting a clean and healthy scalp.

Rosemary oil is often used in shampoos, but it can also be used as massage oil. It has the ability to stimulate the hair follicles, by increasing blood circulation in your scalp. This can lead to longer, stronger hair that may also be more resistant to thinning edges, balding spots, and onset of gray. This oil has also been used in clinical trials for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia1.

Lavender oil can be used as a natural treatment for hair loss. Several studies have investigated the hair stimulating properties of lavender oil, and its influence on individuals who suffer from alopecia2.

Castor oil is thought to have disease-fighting and inflammation reducing potential, as well as the ability to restore moisture. It increases blood circulation and results in faster hair growth, shinier strands, and thick locks.

Coconut oil is excellent for providing nourishment and shine to hair. It acts as excellent repair oil, when massaged into the strands overnight, or when small amounts are used as leave-in conditioner following washing.

Argan oil hydrates and moisturizes hair and penetrates hair shafts and roots deeply. Argan oil is rich in anti-oxidants and repairs dry, brittle hair.

In order to promote hair growth within, you could combine the essential oil therapy with hair growth vitamins. These vitamins can not only increase the rate at which your hair grows, but also promote shinier, healthier strands, along with stronger nails, and healthier skin.

Vitamin A, B, and D all help with hair structure and are good to sustain the hair’s natural strength and shine. Vitamin C, E and zinc are great to stop hair loss, and increase the overall thickness of your hair. Iron, magnesium, niacin and biotin, are all additional vitamins that can be used to increase the rate of hair growth, and can easily be substituted in your diet, or ingested through a supplement.


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