Hair loss is an issue that has been around for as long as humans have walk the Earth. It is a problem that affects many people. Everyone has seen someone with some degree of hair loss.

While most think of hair loss to be a male only problem, many females experience thinning or loss of their hair as well. Like their male counterparts, the range of hair loss can vary from a moderate reduction of thickness, to an extreme loss of hair follicles. Also, like in males, the causes of female hair loss can be numerous.

There can be several factors for female hair loss, but for some cases the exact reasoning is not yet entirely known.

Research and testing are being done to help pinpoint some answers. Each individual case is unique. A Specialist can help a woman find answers to why they may be losing their hair and provide some possible treatments as well. Here are some common causes of female hair loss that are known.

Some causes for female hair loss may be out of a woman’s control. First, female hair loss can be a hormonal issue. As a women gets older, the balance of her hormones will change.

In some cases, this change may cause hair loss. Another possible cause is either an illness, or the treatment of an illness like cancer. For example, chemotherapy is well known to cause hair loss as a side effect when treating cancer patients.

Once the treatment is done, however, a woman’s hair will come back. There are also genetic factors that could lead to hair loss in females. If women in the same family have experience hair loss, there may be a chance that it will be passed down to future generations.

There are also some potential hair loss causes that a woman may be able prevent. Stress may lead to the thinning or loss of hair. While this is not fully understood, it has been observe that stress can have an adverse effect on the health or appearance of an individual, both male and female.

Diet and habits may also lead to the loss of hair in females. For example, smoking has been observed in some women to lead to the thinning of hair. While it may not be easy, a woman may be able to help her hair loss by changing a few things in her lifestyle.

Eating better, relaxing and not smoking may help a woman’s hair loss problem. Styling of a woman’s hair may also lead to temporary or even permanent hair loss. Certain styling like pulling the hair back, if done in a force able manner, can cause damage to the hair follicle. If this is done over and over again, it could possibly lead to permanent damage.

Environmental factors may too play a role in female hair loss. Whether it is a woman’s work conditions or her home surroundings, things in her environment may be the cause of some degree of hair loss.

Hair loss in women is just as real as it is in men. The causes for the hair loss in females are numerous, however to fully understand what might be happening in a particular case, a women should see a specialist. Then she can take the next steps in treating or maybe even reversing the process.