I often get emails from potential patients inquiring about getting a body hair transplant (BHT) done.  Individuals feel that this is a viable alternative to extracting grafts from the back and sides of the head. This; however, is a bad idea  and not true. Here is the following reasons why:

Body hair does not look like head hair, it is finer, curlier, or thicker in calibre in a way that look unnatural and does not grow longer by transplanting on to the head.  There is a myth, that somehow by taking hair from the legs or arms and planting into the thinning areas in the head that this hair will somehow change appearance and it’s characteristics. This is 100% false.

If you ever come into our office you will always hear me talking about hair similar to that of trees. In this case if you have a maple tree, remove it from the Canadian atmosphere and plant it into the desert, it does not somehow become a Cactus.  Body hair is the same! It is what it is and does not change.

The other major factor is also the almighty dollar sign. It takes a lot longer to extract body hair than head hair and thus the cost is far more expensive.  The hair that most commonly resembles head hair is a lot finer and thinner than head hair which means you would need far more grafts.

For the above reasons, the only time it makes sense to do a BHT is when a patient has previously had so many surgeries at the back and sides of the head that there are no healthy grafts left to harvest due to donor depletion and the work in the recipient area is so poor (i.e. pluggy, bad angulation) that the argument can be made that a patient would look better with a different calibre of hair (body hair) that does not look  like head hair, then how he currently looks. This really is the only time we would suggest or consider going a BHT.  The exception of this can be beard hair as it looks and grows in a similar manner to that of head hair.

Please take a look at our videos showing the caliber of work we do for hair transplants:

I encourage you to look thoroughly through our results and compare them to any other clinic – I have taken many videos of our patients and they are the most comprehensive I can find on the web – videos show the amazing quality of work we do and I would ask you one question – is it worth it to cheap out on a transplant and not get an amazing results or to spend more to get the best result possible in the world? Just some food for thought.