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Most people are not aware that a revolution has been transforming the practice of hair transplantation. Doctors now have a much more sophisticated understanding of how hair grows, and the introduction of high power microscopes has allowed doctors to dissect and transplant hair in a fashion that perfectly mimics mother nature.

Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation

These naturally occurring follicular units are the anatomical root systems of the hair beneath the scalp. Hair transplantation relocates these same follicular root units to produce perfectly natural appearing hair growth through the scalp skin layer, if done correctly the final result is a virtually undetectable hair transplant.

Often times, not even a “up close” inspection by your stylist or barber will yeild any tell tale signs. The genetically DHT immune hair graft will grow forever in the same manner that it has been growing elsewhere on your scalp, prior to the transplantation process.

The “Uni Strand®” FUT Hair Transplant

FUT hair transplant illustrated
We will start by clipping down the hair on the sides of the head and/or the back of the head with hair clips.

We will only leave an area of approximately 1 centimetre wide by 6 to 30 centimetre in length, depending on how many grafts are required by the size of the session booked by the client.

We will only trim the hair in the unclipped area of the scalp. The remainder of the hair will not be trimmed, cut or changed in any manner, allowing you to sport a normal hairstyle after your hair transplant session is complete. We also make sure that hair above the donor covers your sutures well so that the donor area goes undetected after it’s healed you can style your hair in whatever way you desire.

After thoroughly freezing the donor area with a local aesthetic we remove the strip of hair. Afterwards, we suture the area where the strip was removed using single stitch threading. The actual incision time is less than two minutes, the preparation time can take up to twenty minutes to ensure the area is numb and the anaesthetic has done its job well.

It’s important to note that as a part of our Uni-Strand® set of surgical techniques we use an advanced method of donor area closure known as trichophytic (pronounced “trick-o-fitic “) closure, this closure technique allows the skin to heal with hair growing right through the scar. This in turn helps to conceal the scar to the greatest degree, making it very easy to sport a short hairstyle without the scar ever being noticeable.

In order to remove Follicular Units from the back of the scalp with the least amount of damage to the Follicular Units, the donor strip must be removed in one continuous piece and is also part of the Uni-Strand® proprietary set of surgical procedures we practice.

The individual Follicular Units are then dissected under a powerful microscope to create the ideal “Uni-Strand Graft®” which must be singular hair follicular units. These singular hair grafts are stored in a special preserving solution and refrigerated while awaiting placement in the recipient area, (bald or thinning areas of the scalp). We are now ready to implant the new uni-grafts® into the recipient area.

FUT Hair Transplant Donor Area Prep
Disection of Hair Grafts
Disection of Grafts
Single Follicular Units

One year post-op hair transplant.

As is visible in the photo, the use of a trichophytic closure technique leaves a virtually undetectable scar because the hair grows through the scar not around it.

No Linear Scar Visible
Trichophytic FUT hair transplant donor area closure

Advantages of Uni-Strand® Strip Method

  • Maximum follicular unit graft yield is higher with our “Uni-Strand®” method. This will allow for more transplanted hairs per session.
  • For most patients, we can complete and finish your target area in just one session.
  • All transplanted follicular units will grow for life.
  • Fewer sessions are required. Meaning, lower overall cost than that of the FUE method
  • The trichophytic closure technique means a much smaller scar will appear
  • You will receive up to 25% more hair per session than regular transplant methods.
  • Additonally the FUT hair transplant is signifcantly less expensive than an FUE hair transplant, for more specefic cost saving information read our Hair Transplant Cost Guide for the Greater Toronto Area.

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