ARTAS® Robotic FUE Hair Transplantation

What many people may not know is that a revolution has been quietly occurring in the field of hair transplantation. A better understanding of how hair grows and the use of high-power microscopes have allowed doctors to remove and transplant hair in a way that mimics naturally growing scalp hair.

Up until now surgeons have been extracting these follicular units manually, but now the next step in the evolution of the procedure is available at Sure Hair International.

ARTAS FUE Hair Transplant featured on the Doctors

Introducing The Artas® Hair Transplant.

The ARTAS® hair transplant is a Robotically assisted procedure that allows us to transplant hair without leaving a linear scar, reduce healing time, and produce superior results.

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This is made possible by using advanced robotics technology known as ARTAS® that selectively harvests hair directly from the donor area of the scalp, one follicular unit at a time. The end result is a very natural-looking, thick head of hair without a linear scar and minimal downtime.

The Robotic Fue hair transplant allows Sure Hair to offer its clients a minimally invasive procedure that leverages image-guided robotics to deliver consistently excellent and natural-looking results. The costs for the ARTAS FUE hair transplant do differ significantly from the manual FUE hair transplant.

The advantages of a ARTAS® FUE Hair Transplant (R-FUE) over conventional FUE procedures include:

  • Increased accuracy of graft harvesting to minimize harm to follicles.
  • Increase accuracy also enhances the graft survival rate.
  • Does not leave a linear scar at the patient’s donor site, virtually undetectable.
  • Markedly reduced recovery times, on average patients return to their normal routines within 2-3 days.
  • Pain or discomfort is drastically reduced, because there is no need for large incisions.
  • Extracts up to 30% more grafts then conventional techniques resulting in thicker looking final results.
  • Greatly Reduced harvesting time and expense.
  • A Greater Capacity to treat previously poor hair transplant candidates.

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