New genetic test for hair loss

Hair DX. Find out if you are really going to go bald or lose your hair. Available for $325.00

Sure HairDX Genetic Test

Genetic Hair Loss Testing
This new genetic test from Hair DX predicts and allows men to better understand their risk for male pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia). But the test is not just for men, it also isolates potential causes for certain types of hair loss in women.

The test, which costs $325.00 Canadian, is conducted by Sure Hair International, by a staff member or physician who swabs the inside of the cheek for several seconds. The swab is then sent to the HairDX lab where the analysis is performed. Within a few weeks the results come back to Sure Hair International. The results may only be analyzed by a licensed Sure Hair physician.

There are over five Sure Hair locations throughout Ontario Canada where the initial tests can be done. Visit any of our Surehair Locations for your nearest testing facility.

The Sure HairDX test effectively identifies the absence or presence of an androgenic receptor gene. In men, the presence of this gene will indicate a 60% chance of going bald by the age of 40. The absence of the gene results in an 85% chance of not going bald by the age of 40.

Women who take the HairDX test are provided with a CAG score. This score helps analyze the risk of developing female pattern hair loss. A larger CAG score indicates a low occurrence and risk of female pattern hair loss. A smaller CAG score will indicate a greater likelihood of significant hair loss. The degree of hair loss is defined in the Ludwig Scale grade II or III.

The Sure HairDX test is for those who have not yet lost their hair, as it will effectively predict the risk of hair loss for both men and women. This empowers the customer to explore solutions and better manage their hair loss. The advance notice provided by the Sure HairDX genetic test could provide enough genetic predisposition information to explore this option before hair loss becomes too advanced.

Hair loss treatments include: The Hairmax laser comb, Propecia®, Surethik scalp cleansers, DHT blocking serums, instant hair fibers and surgical and non-surgical hair replacement solutions. For more information on the causes of your hair loss and hair loss solutions well suited to your specefic case visit our Free Online Consultation page and schedule your own private consultation and complimentary scalp analysis.