Treating Hair Loss: The Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Hair System

5) Side-Effect Free

Using a hair system means no drugs are required. There are only two medications currently approved for common causes of hair loss such as pattern baldness1. These medications have been shown to decrease further loss and improve new growth, but both have their downsides and only one is approved for use in women2,3. Minoxidil is the topical foam/solution which is approved for both sexes; however users commonly find the daily applications cumbersome1. The second option, finasteride, is only recommended for use in men. Furthermore, there is some growing concern about sexually-related side effects with finasteride use, although clinical trials report that it is safe and well-tolerated4. Both products can also be used in combination with a hair system.

4) Non-Invasive

Surgery is not for everyone. Choosing a hair system is a great option for those who are not comfortable with the procedure. Moreover surgery is obviously a big decision.  A hair system can also be used as an interim fix for those who are considering surgery but are not quite ready to move forward.

3) Cost

The high price tag of a hair transplant can understandably be a large deterrent. Because of this, a hair system can be a great economical choice. Hair systems are available in a wide price range, mostly depending on whether you choose to order a custom piece. Fortunately, even without customization, most high quality hair systems can provide good results when applied by an experienced hair restoration specialist.

2) Available for Men and Women

As mentioned above, hair restoration options are more limited for women. A definite advantage of hair systems is that they are safe and effective for both sexes.

1) Results

As the main reason why people seek treatment in the first place, good results is definitely one of the most important considerations when choosing your method of hair restoration. With hair systems available in all shapes, sizes, textures, lengths, densities and colours, it’s possible to cover bald patches and thinning while blending with existing hair, making the system undetectable. Choose a high quality system for best results and go about your normal day including shampooing and styling with a full head of hair.

Article by: Dr. J.L. Carviel, PhD, Mediprobe Research Inc.


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