Laser Light Therapy


Eating right is the first step to nourishing your hair. What you put into your body will reflect on the condition of your hair and skin. Without enough protein, your hair will be weak and may even grow at a slower rate. Be sure to include plenty of protein in your diet to keep your hair strong and shiny. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are necessary to your hair and skin as well. Omega-3 replenishes and hydrates dry hair, can improve skin problems such as eczema and may relieve an itchy, flaky scalp. Fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon and tuna are great sources of omega-3. Flax seed, walnuts and soybeans are also a great options. Antioxidants are also vital when nourishing your hair and skin, and helps reverse the aging process. A balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and good fats will contribute to healthier and fuller hair. For those of you who are picky eaters, here at Sure Hair International, we offer a daily Vitamin for men and women. This Vitamin will supplement the nutrients you need that you may not get from your daily diet and help promote hair growth. Taking a daily vitamin in combination with scalp treatments and our Laser Light Therapy will strengthen the hair you have and create a healthy environment for new hairs to grow.