Laser Light Therapy

The use of laser technology has graduated from their applicability in sports medicine and ophthalmology to the domains of hair strengthening and hair loss prevention. The laser comb and professional laser light salon type machines are products that utilizes laser technology to restore health, lustre, sheen and volume to the natural hair. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves low level laser light therapy as a safe.

Laser Light Therapy: Advantages
Here are certain benefits of using laser comb for hair growth:

· Convenient to use, with no known side effects.
· Use thrice a week, 15 minutes at a time, to produce visible results.
· It is a home treatment, which means it can be used in the privacy of our homes.
· Positive results within a few months of usage.

Laser Light Therapy: How it Works
The laser comb deploys a specific wavelength of light to energize the hair, which results in better growth phase for the hair. Most users reported thicker and fuller hair, as a result of using laser comb.

Laser therapy delivers the nourishing effects of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to the hair follicles. The comb produces a beam of light which pierces the targeted cells, saturating them with the necessary energy. The blood supply to the hair follicles also increases, stimulating hair growth. You can compare this process to the recharging of a battery.

Laser Light Therapy: How to Use
The technique of using laser comb is somewhat different from that of a regular comb. Place the laser comb flat on your head and deploy the glide method i.e. place it on a specific spot on your scalp and gently glide it back half an inch after regular intervals. Move from the front of your scalp to the back, and then repeat the process moving the comb in the opposite direction.

Laser Light Therapy: Safety Features
A quality laser comb includes safety features, such as frequency alert, proximity detection, session management and computer-managed exposure programs. It produces a power level of energy that is safe, harmless and effective.

Laser Light Therapy: Usage Tips
· For those below 18 years of age, consult a physician before using the laser comb.
· Wash your hair regularly while using the laser comb. This would ensure absence of hindrances in the way of the laser light reaching the hair follicles.
· Clean your laser comb with a damp cloth before and after use.
· Use gentle, sulfate-free shampoos and hair care products on your scalp while in LLT treatment.