The most widely used approach to hair restoration today is follicular unit transportation (FUT). The science and techniques of hair restoration have come a long way. It all started with scalp flap surgery, to the punch grafts, and now follicular unit extraction (FUE). This method is about obtaining follicular units. Recently, it was discovered that hair grows in follicular units and not in individual hair strands.

In this method of hair restoration in Toronto hair specialist establishments, follicular units that consist between 1 and 4 terminal hair follicles are extracted directly from your donor area. Hair is extracted one by one using a circular punch. Your donor area is involved in supplying hair grafts. This area is located at the back and the sides of your head that are resistant to baldness.

Bald Spot

Once extracted, the hair is then transplanted in your balding area in the tiny recipient sites created by your physician. The reason this method is endeared by many is because the recovery periods are short, and the extraction does not leave any ugly scars. In fact, one can embark on normal activity immediately after the hair transplant.

Why Choose FUE Transplant?

Despite FUE being a relatively new method, it is one of the most outstanding hair restoration methods. It in fact recommended by many hair loss specialists given that it is a permanent solution to hair loss. Unlike strip harvesting that leaves visible scars behind, FUE does not leave any visible linear scar. Also, FUE needs a short period to heal.

Given that the procedure does not require the use of sutures, you are bound to recover fully within very few days, which are at most 10. As a result, the restrictions involved in other procedures in terms of physical activity are limited.

The nature of this method is non-invasive meaning that the possibilities of postoperative infections are low. Unlike other procedures, FUE is one unique method that leaves you with a natural look. Since the hair transplants are extracted from the patient, they can hardly be distinguished from native hair. In this procedure, grafts are restored in an angle that mimics the surrounding strands. For that reason, the implanted hair blends in with the surrounding hair naturally. While this procedure for hair transplant in Toronto can produce optimal results in hair restoration, it must be performed by someone highly informed, professional, and skilled, such as those from Sure Hair International.

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