SHI Non Surgical - Dark Hair


We frequently get asked by clients what they can do to preserve and take care of their systems at home. There are a few factors that can affect a system.
1) Shampoos and conditioners: Use professional products of high quality. Free of sulfates.

2) Reduce the amount of heat damage: Do not frequently blow dry/ straighten/ curl hair as it will dry the hair out.

3) Wash the hair in one direction with minimal agitation: because the hair is prone to tangling

4) Frequently use leave in conditioner and use deep treatment hair masks weekly: The hair in a system tends to lose moisture very easily because it does not create its own oils.

5) Brush your hair system every day: This avoids matting and damage to the system. Brush the system starting from the ends of the hair up: reduces pulling out excessive hair from the base of the system.

6) Rinse the system well, so there is no residue: Shampoo residue can build up and irritate the skin.


Things to remember about using a hair system:

1) Edges on the system can lift up, do not panic. You can purchase small bottles of adhesive to re-attach the areas when this happens.

2) Irritation can occur, but there are multiple ways to attach the system so that this can be avoided

3) Like natural hair, colours on system could fade. You may have to have your technician re-colour the hair at various times.


Hurdles to overcome when first putting on a system:

  • Attachment: Because everyone’s chemistry is different, finding the right attachment combination can take time. Trial and error is the best way to learn what works.
  • Itching : You need to give your skin time to desensitize to the feeling of the system. If your scalp itches, don’t scratch, just pat the area.
  • Puffiness of the hair: The first time that your system is cut in most people find that the hair has extra volume. In a few days the volume will decrease
  • The glue needs time to fully dry: Avoid tugging or playing with your hair right after a service. Wait at least 24 hours to wash your hair.

We hope that if you consider these tips, it will make your experience wearing a system a bit easier.