One of the most common questions I get is – how young is too young to get a hair transplant?

When STRIP procedures were the only option this answer was quite simple – not under 25 and ideally late 20’s to early 30’s. The younger you are the more likely you are to lose more hair and the question becomes if you a transplant at young age, when more hair falls out how many more surgeries will he need to keep up with the loss and does he have enough donor hair to meet the demand of loss he will have down the road. As a young man that is very hard to predict unless you have clearly good genetics.

I had a STRIP procedure myself when I was only 23 years old; however, my ENTIRE family were all Norwood 2’s at 25 and were still Norwood 2’s at 55. My genetics were so good that not one doctor said they would not do it.

However, since my time getting the STRIP surgery, there are now very viable options with Hand Held FUE and Robotic (ARTAS) FUE that exist which changes the ballgame a little. These surgeries create such small incisions they leave very minimal scarring.  This means that even if a young man were to have a surgery and would not have enough donor hair over a lifetime to sustain him in looking good he would still have the option to shave his head at a later date.

This now allows us to go younger than 25 in some cases whereas this was not possible. If you are under 25 and are wondering if you are a good candidate only do FUE and you can email us to find out if you would be a good candidate.