It’s 2pm on a rainy Monday morning in my office here in Toronto. I have contemplated writing this article, but it’s needed.

I want to tell you about someone who came to my office and what happened thereafter.

1) A gentleman in his early 30′s came in to the office about 3 months ago. He was a NW 5 heading towards a NW 6. He had average density and an area to remove a strip of 30cm. His density was around 90 grafts/cm2 and okay laxity which would allow us to take 1-1.5cm in width on the scar. His mathematical total (which is reasonably accurate to within plus or minus 300 grafts) was 30cm*90*1.25 (average of 1-1.5cm) = 3375 grafts or about 7400 hairs.

I explained to this gentleman that he had about 3200 – 3700 grafts available for surgery. He said he wanted more in 1 surgery. I explained to him in person the mathematics, which do not lie, about how many grafts he could get. There are many reasons why you can’t get more – but basically we are limited by two factors – how long the persons donor area is and how wide we can go. Most times we can not go wider than 1.7 and maybe 2cm in width.

Bottom line he didn’t have more than 3500 and maybe on some crazy fluke – 4000 grafts. He said he was not happy with that and I told him that that’s the most we can do.

3 days ago I got a call from this guy – he was happy to tell me that he got 6500 grafts. I replied that this must be hairs as often (if you have been reading the articles you will know this) clinics who can’t do more than 2000-2500 will talk in terms of hairs which would be around 5000 hairs for 2000 grafts to try and sucker someone in with a fake number because they can’t do a true 4000+ graft session. The truth is only the very best can do 5000 plus, however, there are only 2 clinics in Canada (us being 1) who have documented above 5000 grafts i.e. approximately 12000 hair cases in one session.

Moreover, the gentleman’s area we could take the grafts from measured 30 cm with below average donor hair and poor laxity – even on our best day we could not get more than 4000 grafts out of this guy unless we did not close the wound which trust me, does not happen unless you want to be sued :D . It’s just impossible for him. Dr. X lied to him and told him what he wanted to hear. Above and beyond when I looked at the Doctor’s site, local in Ontario, he did not have one case on his site with before and after photos. There is not one case documented at all. I mean, come on! This gentleman decided to not listen to logic and honesty and went foolishly to the place which gave him the best imaginary deal. I said I was happy for him and I begged him to follow up with me in 6 months. Because I know what is going to happen. His 6500 grafts are going to look like 1500 grafts and him not listening to science and math will make him end up having a bad result.

What’s the point of this? Well, it’s simple. If you understand the realities, go to a top clinic, are realistic with the results you will get a great result; however, if you come in with this frame of mind, refuse to accept logic and go with what appeals to your emotions rather than what makes sense, you will get suckered in and get a bad result.

If you have read this in its entirety and still go for the fake promises over those few clinics which are honest and true about the work, then what can we do? So please, be smart.

I’m going to be posting some of our happy cases and great results. Stay tuned in the coming few days for some more of my favorite cases.