Top 5 reasons to go for that hair transplant

Extra insulation

Maybe this year wasn’t the best example but no one needs to tell you just how cold Canadian winters can get. In a place where the toque has become a fashion staple, having some extra coverage on the top of your head can come in handy.

Built-in SPF

Those big floppy hats, fedoras or maybe a baseball cap with your team’s logo can be fun, trendy or a way to show your undying devotion to your favorite sport but they aren’t for everyone, or for every occasion. Some thicker hair can help protect you from a sunburn on your next tropical vacation.

Save time and memory space

Daily applications of topical foams like minoxidil can be burdensome and time-consuming. Additionally you need to remember to actually apply them. If treatment is stopped, any hair regrowth may be lost while further hair loss may begin1. Moreover they may not be effective for everyone, especially those with more advanced male-pattern baldness1.

No worries about sexual side effects

Oral medications like finasteride are FDA-approved and shown to have efficacy however there seems to be growing concern over possible side effects. In a small percentage of patients, there have been reports of sexual side effects which make some people, particularly younger men, a little uneasy2.


Most hair restoration solutions can treat the symptoms of male pattern baldness but not cure the core issue. Therefore if treatment is stopped, any progress is lost and new hair loss may begin1,3. A hair transplant is one of the most long-term solutions available, but the price tag is higher4,5,6. On the other hand, if you are currently investing in laser combs/helmets, specialized shampoos, thickening products, medications and herbal supplements, the price tag might make sense when you think of the long term, especially if you are comfortable with trying a surgical option.


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