Everyone from the famous celebrities to the average man on the street wishes to have good hair. In fact it is said that the path to fame is often paved with great hair. However, it is unfortunate that almost all of us tend to become bald as we grow older. It is more pronounced in many men and some women because of hereditary reasons.

Most people will tell you that this is an inevitable effect of growing old and you must learn to live with it. However, this is not quite true anymore true because of advances in the field of hair transplantation. Surgeons in this field can treat your scalp in such a manner than your hair will always grow and you will never really grow bald!

If you consult a hair transplant surgeon, he or she will tell you that it actually possible to take existing strands from your head and then plant them in the balding parts of your head. These transplanted strands will not fall off because these are from the part of the head where hair does not fall off.

A thin strip of your scalp is removed from the lower part of your head. This is done to keep the hair perfect for transplantation. Good hair transplant surgeons usually take just a few minutes to do this. The entire task including stitching and making sure that the process is painless obviously makes the process more time consuming.

Then the follicles are removed by experts who use microscopes to ensure that each strand is properly removed. Then the hair transplant surgeons inset the follicles in the balding parts of the head so that these can grow naturally. This means that you will be able to comb and style these just as you style hair in other parts of your head.

You must make sure that you get this transplantation done only by good hair transplant surgeons because they will able to ensure that results are indeed permanent. Moreover, they will also be able to ensure that the scar that is left behind when the thin strip of scalp is removed is stitched properly. If this is not done properly, the scar will be visible to everyone and people will keep asking you how you managed to get so badly scarred.

The highly qualified professionals at Sure Hair International have performed this procedure many a time and will be able to satisfy you.