The art of FUE>>> Speed VS Growth

My name is Paul-Joseph. I am a hair loss specialist at sure hair international. I have worked with more than 2,500 hair transplant patients and over 13,000 hair loss sufferers in the past 7 years. I am also a hair loss sufferer myself having had 3 hair transplants. If you don’t know my story, which is told many times throughout the blogs from 2012-2014 which also go into great detail covering all you need to know about hair transplants to be able to make a logical choice which clinic to go to, you will also see my story about being butchered by a horrible doctor in Quebec city and only 50 grafts of the 1500 grafts growing. That’s right – he took 1500 grafts off the back of my head – likely threw out about 1200 and of the 300 he planted 50 grew.

This is why i felt compelled to write this article about FUE. At Sure Hair, we specialize in every type of available FUE that actually works – ARTAS FUE and Hand Held FUE. We have done literally thousands of FUE procedures for both types of FUE. Let me digress for a second and talk about which FUE is better.

If you go to a Hand Held FUE doctor – he will say the ARTAS does not work. If you go to an ARTAS FUE clinic he wil tell you hand held FUE does not work. So which does work?

The truth is, like in many cosmetic procedures, it’s not a one type fit all for everyone.

For example – African American patients traditionally are not good candidates for FUE of any type due to their calibre of hair and curl. There are some exceptions but often we will suggest doing a STRIP – which we also do here as well.

This is why Sure Hair has spent literally millions of dollars developing the best type of procedures available so we can offer the right type of transplant to the right patient. By coming to Sure Hair we don’t have to say the ARTAS sucks or Hand Held FUE is bad, because we do them both and we also don’t bash STRIP surgeries because they still have merit and their place in the hair transplant field for various reasons which is a different article for a different time.

The point of this article; however, is to answer a question – with Hand Held FUE there are clinics in Toronto and Nationally who advertise doing 4000 FUE in one day. Firstly, question that number – the probability of a cinic being able to properly harvest 4000 FUE in one day is very small. The major issue is the speed, force and accuracy. Imagine you have to colour an object within an outline on paper – in one version i say “take your time and do it right” and in the other I say “go as fast as you can”. You can imagine that as the speed increases in your efforts the accuracy of staying inside the lines goes down. This is the same for FUE. It is all about accuracy.

Let’s be clear about something: grafts are damn fragile which is why many clinics still struggle with good growth. it’s the mishandling of grafts by doctors and technicians which cause this.

So even if a doctor says he can do 4000 grafts in a day – I can guarantee you that unless he is Dr. Lorenzo in Spain who is blessed in transplants and also coordination – that he’s going too fast and not getting as good quality grafts if he went slower. There are hundreds of articles on the subject. We have found and agree that the magic number is around 2000-2500 FUE per day. We do 4000 FUE but we do it over 2 days. It would cost us less to do it in one day; however, we know that the survival rate will be lower if we do – so we choose to go slow for one reason and one reason only – to give you the patient the best result possible. Remember I am the guy who had poor growth. I not only work here, I am also the Director of Operations for all of Sure Hair (that’s every office, every location) and the number one priority as a fellow hair loss sufferer is to help you get your hair back so you can move on.

The best results will be by doing around 2000 FUE per day. If you’re looking at a clinic who says they can do more – they are not unique or exceptionally gifted – believe me they are not – they just want to make more money and go home sooner. We slug it out until 11pm if we need to – and listen – is it not worth it to take 8 hours longer in surgery to have a lifetime of hair? To take the time in surgery means we are doing right by you. Its not that we can’t do 4000 FUE in a day – we can – we just know the growth will be far poorer than if we do 2000 per day.

So unless the doctor performing FUE is a Dr. Lorenzo in Spain or a Dr. Woods in Australia, you can bet you should be aiming at 2000 FUE per day by a clinic here in Canada.

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