Approximately 3-5 times a week, some guy comes into our clinic with a pluggy, unnatural and sadly horrific hair transplant results that even I cringe at. Sadly, these are transplants being done in 2011 that most of us would think were being done in the 90′s. No wonder the general public always come in saying “yeah, but transplants look fake!” when nothing could be further from the truth when you go to a great clinic. I will now refer you to my previous article about why it is important to go to a top clinic. This article elaborates on the subject and delves deeper into hair transplants. What’s the difference between a good transplant and bad one? Read below…

The following are comments taken from online complaints which are typical of what I hear all the time in our clinic from previous hair transplant recipients NOT from our office: click on the link to see where these are taken from:

“I, too, am dissatisfied with my transplant results. I had a hair transplant 10 months ago and last week had a follow up. When I had my consultation last year Dr. XXX sold me on one of four possible packages small, medium, large and extra large. He told me that a large session ($7,000) would be all I needed and the photos of other clients confirmed this. I do have transplanted hair today but it is 50 -60 percent thinner than what I was led to believe would happen or the photos indicated”

“I only wish that when I had my “surgery” 14 years ago someone had done the same thing or talked me out of it. I was only 24 when I went to xxxx in San Francisco. I received an incredible hard sell and was told that the new hair would be as thick as the hair on the sides of my head and that I would never have to worry about hair loss again. I was an incredibly confident young man and thought that I was facing what I perceived to be a big problem head-on.

Looking back at photos of me at the time my hair was not even that bad. But
instead of telling me that and to wait they readily took my money and put 100 plugs just behind my hairline. Of course all the hair around the plugs fell out. It did grow back but much thinner and I believe the “surgery” increased the rate of hair loss over the next 14 years. I now have a lovely corn row patch on each side of my head. At this point I still have barely enough hair to conceal them, IF the wind doesn’t blow and IF my hair does not get wet. I rue the day I walked into that office. My life has been ruined and I truly feel as if they have stolen my spirit, my soul, and true joy of life. And for what? A few thousand dollars! Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about this. It is usually my first thought in the morning and last thought at night. I would give anything just to be able to shave my head. OK enough on that. Do you know of any corrective surgery by reputable doctors? Unfortunately I also have two ridges of scar tissue under the plugs in addition to the plug scars themselves and the donor scars.”


Sadly, many many patients come to us as a result of horrible transplant results by clinics who simply lie to make a quick buck. If you read my previous post you will know this happened to me as well.

So what can you do?

1) Be informed and make sure you go to a good clinic

2) Don’t be fooled by fake promises. If you are told you can achieve a full head of hair, unless you have very little hair loss this is not true.

3) Understand that all clinics claim to get 2500-3000 grafts, yet there is only a handful of clinics which actually can harvest this amount of hair and successfully plant them in one surgery and have them grow. At our clinic this past week we had several cases around 3500 grafts-3700 grafts or appx 6500 hairs. It has taken our team 8 years of consistent work together with over 2000 transplant of 4 million hairs transplanted in order to get to this level. On a side note: come back for the article later this week on cutting grafts and pricing.

4) If you’ve had a bad transplant, like me, know there is hope and you can still have a natural hairline. See the link below.

In the next article I will be talking about hairlines, naturalness and coverage. For now

1) Take a look at repair case—>

2) Take a look at what a natural and undetectable hair transplant hairline can be achieved in the hands of a skilled doctor–>

Be informed!