6 Week Post-Op

Just a follow up. Our patient who had 4300 grafts (please see the post below this one) has sent in his 6 week post op photos.

You will see that the patient looks like he has a bit of a sunburn – this occassionally happens in patients with larger sessions and there is a slight skin discolouration for a few weeks to a month or two. This will/always passes. Here’s the email this gentleman sent to me:

“As predicted I have shed some original hair and some transplanted hair so actually look more bald than ever. Got my hair cut short the other day so that adds to the bald look The shedding seems to have slowed so maybe things will turn around slowly. The donor area is still a bit tender but much better than 2 weeks ago. It seemed to start getting better once the stitch was taken out. The most painful part of the whole process was getting the stitch out – go figure.”

He also went on to mention that I was amazing and that every person who comes to see me should give me $1000 dollars ;) Okay – maybe not, but I think you should!

Come back in a few months as things will start to get interesting in about 2 more months when the hair begins to grow!