We had a gentleman come in and he received 4300 grafts: 1400 single hairs and appx 1450 doubles and 1450 triple grafted hairs for a total of 8650 hairs in one session. See the post-op photos below. (NOTE: You can click on each photo to see a close up of the hairline etc) The patient is over the moon right after surgery and I will update his photos as he progresses.

WHAT IS IMPORTANT ABOUT THIS? I have spoken time and time again about so many clinics saying the can get 4000+ grafts – but when you see the area covered or the after photo they look like they received only about 2000 grafts! This is because, as I have said time and time again, that most clinics slur the lines of reality and use hairs instead of grafts. Most clinics can get 4000 hairs with their eyes close – there’s only a handful who can get 9000 hairs in one pass – I am unaware of anyone in Ontario doing this to be frank…

What this means to you is that if you get a surgery for 6000+hst and get 2000 grafts – you will get have the coverage as this man who spent 9000+ hst. So you save 3000 on the first surgery sure, but you got lied to about the number of grafts vs hairs and in the end need a second surgery at 6000+hst to get another 2000 grafts. Thus you spent 12000+hst, had to wait 1 year between surgeries and have to go through the downtime a second time and wait two years for the final result vs 1 year. Who would do that? Where does that make sense? Again, time and time again, I say – go to one of the best. Pictures don’t lie. We covered almost the entire head in one pass. That’s one spicy a meat a ball!

Remember – these photos are only 30 minutes after surgery which is why you see blood etc – he’ll be completely healed and back to normal in 7 days. He has sitch removal in a weeks time and I’ll post his 10 day post op pics.

This is what I live for as a specialist in my field. When we get a case which I can show the world at what this clinic can do – something very few clinics can.

Before-Surgery-3-256x300 (1)

Before-Surgery-3-256x300 (2)