Hi everyone:

Happy Civic Holiday Long Weekend! If you were like me – hair loss was the last thing on your mind this weekend – unless of course you have a bald spot at the back of your head and you were hiding under a hat to prevent your head from burning like a sausage on a bonfire :)

In case you’re a little sunburned on the top of your head from the long weekend festivities I thought I’d post a video showing a gentleman who came to us last year who can throw away his hat and no longer worry about a sunburn on those hot summer days!

This gentleman has had two hair transplants approximately 1 year in between transplants. What you are about to see is the gentleman 14 days after his second surgery. You will see the crown has been completely filled in and you will see the transplanted grafts that look like a 5:00 o’clock shadow which will grow in in 1 year.