I have had the rare privilege of seeing literally thousands of hair transplant patients. Some are repeat clients from Sure Hair, others have had transplants all over the globe and wind up sitting in my office either happy with the work done and wanting to do more or having been butchered by a bad clinic and wanting us to repair the work. The question that I always get is  – what surgery is best for me?

Firstly, let me preface this by saying to date – we are the only clinic currently in Canada which offers all three type of surgery. Hand Held FUE, Robotic FUE and STRIP/FUT.  Why is that important? Well, if a clinic only offers one of the technologies they will tell you to do that surgery and say the other types of surgery are not good.  It’s logical – why would a clinic who only does STRIP tell you to do FUE?  Why would a clinic who only does Hand Held FUE say that Robotic FUE is better than Hand Held?

Having all three technologies at our disposal allows for a true assessment about the pros and cons of each surgery. If you have already had a STRIP transplant here are the points for consideration.

If you have only 1 STRIP hair transplant 99% of the time I would suggest doing a second STRIP as you will still get a lot of grafts and the scar will not change very much from a first to second surgery. However, if you had two or more STRIP hair transplants you likely will need to check and see how much laxity you have. Laxity is the degree of tightness or lake thereof at the back and sides of the head (known as the Occipital and Temporal bones) where the STRIP in the donor was removed. If there is very little laxity  you may want to consider doing a FUE surgery.  By doing say a 3rd or 4th STRIP surgery you run the risk of a very wide scar and getting a low amount of grafts.  Every strip surgery you do will result in far less grafts. I.e. a patient came to us for STRIP surgeries. His first surgery he got 3700 grafts. The second surgery 3200 and on his third only 1200!  We did a patient recently who had 2 STRIPs for a total of 7000 grafts and then we did a third FUE surgery and got 3500 grafts!

Doing FUE if you have had multiple surgeries allows us to safely harvest grafts around the scar without compromising donor scarring and further trauma via another STRIP surgery.

In the next article I will be talking about the pros and cons of FUE vs STRIP and the difference between ARTAS FUE/NEOGRAFT FUE and Hand Held FUE.