Of all the hair care products in your shower, your shampoo is of highest necessity. We all need to wash away the products and pollution we collect throughout the day.

A great shampoo should leave you hair soft, manageable and clean.

But little did we know that most “off the shelf” shampoo’s we choose to use ends up dirtying our hair instead of cleaning it, and dries it out instead of infusing it with the moisture we need. 

Instead of creating soft and silky strands, these hair care products can leave hair feeling waxy, weighed down, dry and brittle. The waxy coating can build up over time from left over shampoo and dirt that is left behind, which can lead to poor scalp health conditions and even hair loss.

When shampoo dries your hair, the hair becomes weak, you can lose the elasticity you once had and the hair ends begin to split. This type of harsh treatment to your hair can also lead to hair loss and severe breakage. Sulfate, dyes and harsh chemicals are in the ingredients in most “off the shelf” shampoos, which makes your hair dry, dull and even strips your hair.

Sure Hair Provides a Sulfate free and dye free shampoo, filled with nutrients and natural ingredients that promote hair growth and a healthy scalp. When used in combination with the Sure Thik Hair Conditioning Mask, the hair is provided the moisture and cleanly environment it needs to flourish into a healthy full head of hair. This also gives ease when styling your hair, no more “bad hair” days! Shampoo and Conditioner should always be used separately; we would never recommend anyone to use a “two in one” combination shampoo/conditioner.

Hair needs to be properly cleaned for the conditioner to penetrate the hair deep enough to give moisture to the follicle.