Many people come to my office having questions about what causes hair loss. I get questions regarding water, sun and a litany of other ones. I just want to highlight the top few:

Shaving your head allows for hair to grow back stronger and thicker. I am unsure where this one came from; however, there is ZERO truth to this.  Wearing Hats/Helmets DO NOT cause hair loss.  Wearing a hat or helmet will not cause hair loss.  Take a look at any professional hockey team and you will see a lot of the players all have full heads of hair while other’s do not.  If this were true every hockey player would be bald.  If you’re mother’s dad is bald you will be bald as well.  Hair loss does not come from one parent’s side or another. Hair loss can come from either side or even both sides. Drinking tap water causes hair loss. I get this one quite often from people who immigrate here and there seems to be this rumour that drinking tap water will cause hair loss. There is no truth to this statement.

Things that CAN cause hair loss:

1) Radical increase or decrease in weight can trigger hair loss

2) EXTREME stress such as  death in a family or a very traumatic experience. Studying for an exam will not cause it.

3) It is possible that if you are Vegan you may experience hair loss.