5 Factors that can Influence Hair Loss

Hair loss is a growing concern for many, particularly in light of society’s preoccupation with beauty. With the availability of new drugs, procedures, creams and lotions, it’s no wonder someone could easily get lost in what works and what doesn’t.

The key to a voluminous full body of hair is to target the initial loss, and promote continuous growth. Below are 5 common factors that can influence hair loss, and their effects on your luscious locks.

1) Diet

Diets that are deficient in iron and vitamin B may promote hair loss and weakening of the hair shaft. High concentrations of vitamin A in the diet may also cause an increase in hair loss. It is better to include leafy, dark green vegetables, in addition to a high protein diet. Rich fatty-oils, such as omega 3’s, may promote shine and strength in the strands. Your diet is reflected strongly by the strands on your noggin.

2)  Stress

Stress is a huge influence on hair loss, as high levels of physical and emotional stress can weaken the bonds of the shaft, and cause an increase in hair loss. Focus on meditation and forms of relaxation, including exercise and yoga, to manage the effects of stress on your health.  If you’re lacking in your lifestyle, you’ll be lacking in your hairstyle.

3) Environmental factors

Harsh weather conditions and constant styling can really affect the strength of your hair. The extreme cold, such as exposure to snow and ice, can cause the strands to break and crack. Extreme hot temperatures, from direct sun or styling tools, can break the keratin bonds and dry out the hair.  Protect your hair, by covering your strands with hats, or pre-styling creams, to lessen the damage.

4) Genetic Disposition

There are some genetic dispositions that affect the rate at which you may lose hair. Such risk factors may include anemia, thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalances and pregnancies. Make sure to consult your doctor, to relate abnormal hair loss with pre-existing medical conditions.

5) Aging

An average person loses 50-100 strands of hair a day, depending on your life style. As we age our bodies tend to weaken, and the same goes for our hair follicles. Hair growth, in addition to replication, declines. To help improve the situation, it is encouraged to live a healthy and active lifestyle, to keep our bodies healthy and our hair luscious.