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When you make the decision to integrate your growing hair with a hair system, there are many factors that come into play and can seem overwhelming at times. The most important things to consider when customizing your hair system are: the density of your hair, the length of hair and which base will be most durable yet invisible.

There are two basic types of lace materials; but many sub-categories exist under each of these two main laces. The first is woven, welded monofilament made from nylon. The second base is fine hexagon knitted multifilament, traditionally made from silk or cotton, are commonly referred to as French Lace or Silk Lace. The second type of silk lace material is Fine hexagon knitted multifilament, also known as Hollywood Lace, Swiss Lace, German Lace and European Lace.  In recent years there have been knitted multifilament made from nylon as well. For the best appearance, fine hexagon knitted multifilament (Hollywood) is often preferred over the woven welded nylon monofilament (New York) because the monofilament is a bit heavier and can be jagged around the edges. It has unwanted shine as well and isn’t as fine as the knitted multifilament. The upside is that it is more durable. So with a higher density hair system this base would be more desirable.

Polymers create an imitation skin-like material and are commonly referred to as a ‘poly’ hair system or skin based system. Depending on the type of polymers used, polyurethane bases can be extremely durable and very natural looking. Polymer bases are constructed from two primary materials: Silicone and/or Polyurethane, but these materials alone do not let enough air flow to the scalp.

Sure Hair International has come up with a custom designed base that integrates both lace and poly to allow for a secure, breathable and virtually invisible hair system.  Sure Hair will customize a base for you, along with a celebrity style look that can be worn everyday with ease. Many of our high profile and celebrity clients prefer the NT 8 or the NT 1 with a French lace hairline.