Having worked as a Hair Transplant Consultant for 4 years, I field questions, myths, realities and wake up calls on a daily basis. I do so because I myself once looked in the mirror and saw hair loss and decided to get a hair transplant.

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In this series of articles I have been talking about, without question, the most important factor when getting any hair transplant…naturalness. A truly undetectable hair transplant can be done only in the hands of a truly skilled, experienced and god given natural artistic talent. I’m writing this article from home, so I do not have photos to upload now; however, check back in a few days and they will be added in this thread.

Before I get technical and discuss the finer points of hairlines, I wanted to tell you a true story which actually happened to me yesterday at our surgical centre. The good Doctor was doing surgeries which left me to handle the consults for the day. A gentleman came in for a consult. Whenever someone comes in and is waiting, I always take a look at their hairline and age and make decisions prior to the consult on what I think would be best for them. The second I saw him, late 40′s early 50′s, I thought, “Okay, pretty solid hairline, slight recession, good amount of hair for coverage and slightly thinning crown, not bad at all for 50, does not really need a transplant”. The guy comes into the consult, sits down and I look at his hair and ask him what he’s hoping we can do for him. He stops, looks at me and says “Well, I have already had a hair transplant with Dr. Ferreira 5 years ago. HOLD THE PHONE. I am a hair transplant guru, I can spot a transplant hairline a mile away. I had looked at this guy, up close and had had truly no clue he had received a transplant. I just sat there looking at him in amazement. Some of our patients I can tell they have had one upon close inspection; however, this gentleman had not only great hair characteristics which allow for natural results to his credit, the doctor had done mind blowing work. I honestly, on my mother’s grave had had no idea.

He didn’t have a full head of hair – no one can ever truly achieve a full head of hair with significant loss, but his hair tranpslant achieved exactly what a transplant is supposed to do – it was truly undetectable, framed his face, made him look so youthful, and in my own words “Had some thinning but didnt really need a transplant!”.

That story proves my point. When getting a hair transplant the number one concern is density, however, with the limitations of donor supply vs demand of surface area to cover in the areas of loss, it is the naturalness of a transplant which will make or break a result over the course of a life time.