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The “Next Generation” in hair restoration has arrived, and it’s called NT Hair Grafting. The system is ideal for men & women who are not suitable candidates for a hair transplant or who simply do not wish to undergo surgery, but still want the most natural looking, low maintenance hair replacement system on the market.
  • Totally Natural Appearance
  • Fast and Easy to Afford
  • Versatile, add hair just where you need it
  • Available in any hair style, length, curl or color
  • Virtually Impossible to detect
  • Versatile attachment options

Our NT system can be worn using a permanent or semi permanent attachment and provides you with as much or as little additional hair needed to attain the look you want.

The NT system is a custom, made to order matrix that comes in various densities, hair texture, colour, curl and length. Our hair systems are so natural that even up close they are virtually impossible to detect. Flexible enough to be adjusted to match any ongoing hair loss and is indistinguishable from your own naturally growing hair when professionally applied by the experts at a Sure Hair Clinic.

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Types of NT Hair Grafting Systems


Uni-Strand NT Hair System – The Rolls Royce of hair systems. made from 100% human hair is injected into a ultra thin permeable layer of silicon that acts as a second skin. The matrix is then attached seamlessly making it extremely difficult to detect. Recommended for Extra Light and Light Density only.

Volume Strands – This hair replacement process is excellent for adding hair to the top and sides. This hair system is designed for those just trying hair replacement for the first time and can be designed for a variety of different purposes and is also versatile with a variety of attachment options . These systems are generally very light weight, comfortable, and look exceptionally natural.

Integration Hair – These hair replacement systems are vented, and have base material patterns similar to a hair net. They are designed so men & women with thinning hair can pull their existing hair strands through the matrix. These hair systems act as a great way to thicken your natural hair and reduce the visible areas of your scalp.

Medical Hair – Commonly used for more extreme cases of hair loss or Medical hair loss from treatments such as Chemotherapy or for Alopecia patients. Sometimes referred to as full wigs, these hair pieces can be styled, colored and designed to completely mask a balding head or patchy areas for both male and female hair loss.


Commonly Asked Questions

How much does a hair system cost?

Will my hair system be noticeable?

Can I wash and style my hair system?

How long will the hair system last?

How do I get started?

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