Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

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Society has always placed a great deal of importance on physical beauty and appearance, and hair plays a key role in the way we look. Hair loss has always been a big concern affecting many men and women.

The problem can be extremely stressful and needs timely diagnosis and an effective hair loss treatment plan. The good news is that effective non-surgical hair loss treatments are becoming increasingly available. Sure Hair International has various options available including NT Hair Replacement, utilizing the latest in hair augmentation, our medical regrowth program “The Vampire Treatment”, Vitamin Enriched topical scalp Treatment Programs, Professional Laser Light Hair Re-Growth Therapy and more.

Medical Regrowth Treatment for Hair Loss

Our “Vampire Treatment” for your hair follicles is a new and highly effective “off label” treatment for hair loss conditions such as alopecia areata (‘spot baldness’) and androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss). Sure Hair Has developed our own proprietary enhanced process which leverages the incredible potential of our medical regrowth treatment for hair loss to the maximum.

Laser Hair and Vitamin Enriched Topical Scalp Therapy Hair Loss Treatment

Our proprietary anti-hair loss topical scalp treatment program is one of our more popular treatments. Clients know their hair loss is being dealt with and begin to see rapid improvement in the overall appearance of their hair.

Sessions include intense topical vitamin therapy on the scalp, 20 minutes of cold laser light therapy, protein and biotin application, our proprietary micro-circulation booster and a few minutes of vibration massage that is certain to increase blood flow to your follicles.

We finish off by styling with an assortment of SureThik® hair thickening products that are sure to leave your hair looking noticably thicker.Laser Hair therapy

NT Hair Replacement System

We offer the NT Hair System as a non-surgical alternative for people who are not suitable candidates for transplants or prefer not to have surgery. The NT system is flexible and can be worn in a number of different configurations. NT Hair Replacement Systems


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