Having worked as a Hair Transplant Consultant for 4 years, I field questions, myths, realities and wake up calls on a daily basis. I do so because I myself once looked in the mirror and saw hair loss and decided to get a hair transplant and received a horrible one at that. It took me years to find a fantastic clinic to restore not only my hairline but my confidence and happiness.

One of the biggest issues I face explaining when meeting a potential patient is explaining that there is a MASSIVE gap in the quality of work being done in the hair loss industry today. There are a handful – literally a handful of clinics I would personally go to of the thousands of hair transplant clinics out there. I mentioned in a previous article about many clinics throwing out precious grafts literally into the garbage that never regrow. This and the following series of articles will delve into what I believe is one of the top three most important considerations: HAIRLINES!

Before we get into the topic of hairlines I’m going to assume you – the reader – know nothing about a transplant. Here’s what you need to consider:

1) Naturalness and hairlines:
2)Coverage – We don’t have enough hair to fill an entire head if you go completely bald. It is a finite mathematical supply and demand issue and if anyone tells you differently – run – they are lying.
3) Density: this is a complicated one. If you’re reading this and have yet to get a transplant you are probably most fixated on – “I want the most dense transplant I can get. HOWEVER, because of Coverage, we are constantly fighting a battle between density vs coverage. In the world of hair loss dealing with finite numbers you must make compromise somewhere. I will delve into this topic in the next article.
Hairline Symmetry:

A lot of guys come into the office wanting Brad Pitts Hairline. I am not talking about density. I am talking about his perfectly angled, symmetrical hairline. Here’s the problem: only Mr. Pitt looks like Mr. Pitt! Not only is his hair perfect but he his face is symmetrical as well. If you look in the mirror and really pay attention you will see that the right side of your face is slightly different than the left side of your face.

Mother nature has made you imperfectly perfect! If you look at some of the best hair transplant transformations you will notice that the hairlines are asymmetrical to match the asymmetry mother nature has given most of us. I always recommend against a perfect hairline because it just is not natural unless you yourself are symmetrically perfect which chances are you are not.

If you look at some of the best transplants that are undetectable and really look you will see that they are the ones which have irregular hairlines that mimic the imperfections of mother nature.

This is the very first consideration you should look at. In the next article we will be talking about a personal favorite of mine – angulation, transplant techniques and uni-strand hair transplants.