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8 Reasons Why Our Uni-Strand® FUE Hair Transplant is Simply Better

  • Completely Natural Hairline
  • No Linear Scar Created
  • No Stiches or Staples Ever
  • Consistently Excellent Results
  • Thicker, More Full Final Results
  • Minimally Invasive Procedure
  • Quick Recovery Time 2-3 Days
  • 20% – 30% Less Expensive

Did You Know?

id you know that the common modern day hair transplant has been the most cosmetically acceptable solution to hair restoration? While there are treatments to help you slow down or even stop the progression of hair loss, people who already have significant hair loss the modern day hair transplant has been the only cosmetically viable solution to the restoration of their hair, unfortunetly most other solutions simply do not result in cosmetically significant restoration for most men and women.

But why Settle for a common Hair Transplant?

However, as effective as the common hair transplant has been (we think of them as old-fashioned now), the typical hair transplant offered by most clinics today is not without some drawbacks. To begin with, it’s slow, cumbersome, unnecessarily expensive and far too surgically invasive as a result of inefficient processes, outdated procedures, and a failure to adopt the absolute latest medical technologies.

No Linear Scar – No Unnatural Dot Patterns – High Density Regrowth

Most commonly used manual methods of harvesting donor hair grafts can result in a large linear scar at the back of the head as a result of an FUT procedure, or a unnatural dot pattern from inappropriatly randomized FUE hair graft harvesting technique or from any variety of inperfect surgical techniques. Our propriatery Uni-Strand® set of specialized surgical techniques solves all those problems while the Uni-Strand® dense-packing technique lets us plant the new grafts into very tight groups which allows for fuller final results.

The biggest factor to achieving great results

While FUE hair transplantation performed correctly has provided an enormous advancement over the standard strip hair transplant procedure for the patient, the FUE technique presents an even greater challenge for the clinic and staff, as it requires much more technical ability, equipment and experience. In our experience expert surgical technique achieved only from many years of practice and refinement has been the primary determining factor in the achievment of exceptional results, this has been the primary driving factor for the development of our proprietary Uni-Strand® set of surgical techniques.

The Blending of technique, experience and technology.

Our medical staff here at Surehair have over 120 years of cumulative experience utilizing the very best FUE graft harvesting techniques, with more than 25 years developing our Uni-Strand® techniques. In addition, we utilize the absolute latest FUE graft extraction technology available anywhere in the world. The medical technology we use significantly reduces the risk of hair-graft damage during the extraction process, which unfortunately does often happen with FUE surgery. Not transitioning or damaging the graft is extremely important to achieving a good regrowth rate, and we use the latest technology.

Uni-Strand® – Better results and Better prices
Learn More About The Robotic Hair Transplantation

Our new Uni-Strand® FUE procedure is a unique combination of our innovative surgical technique and advanced medical technologies that eliminate most if not all of the typical shortcomings of the standard FUT hair transplant. Dramatically improving upon the standard FUE procedure offered by most clinics in practice today, while simultaneously improving the final result and actually reducing the average cost of the procedure through greater efficiency highly improved surgical techniques.

No Plugs, No Stitches, No Regrets…
As featured on the Doctors

Our Uni-Strand® FUE hair transplant is a very precise micro-surgical process that is minimally invasive, more affordable, produces consistently excellent results and shortens the surgical recovery time to 2-3 days.

Some of the advanced hair transplant technology Surehair uses has even been so well received that it’s been featured on major news outlets and TV shows, including the hit TV show “The Doctors” and heralded as a breakthrough technology!

Get Back To Your Life in Just 2-3 Days

Our hair transplant process is a minimally invasive procedure and therefore dramatically reduces the recovery time, generally our patients are back to their regular life, work and routines within 2-3 days.

Close Crop or Even Shave Your Hair – There Will be no scar.
No Linear Scar or Unnatural Dot Pattern

Our procedure does not require a large linear incision to remove the donor hair, and therefore does not leave a linear scar or require any stitches, the FUE graft extraction sites are intentionally randomized, mathematically calculated by advanced computer algorithms to ensure the donor area maintains uniform density throughout so it does not look unnatural, if you like to close crop or even shave the back of your head very short, there will be no linear scar or unnatural dot pattern, there will be no evidence to reveal you’ve had a hair transplant.

World Class Results at 20% – 30% Less Than Other Clinics.

Our new Uni-Strand® FUE hair transplant is providing our patients with consistently thick, dense, world class results, at prices that are typically 20% to 30% less than an ordinary hair transplant at most other Canadian clinics. Our proprietary Uni-Strand® set of surgical techniques allow us to transplant more grafts safely, while simultaneously improving the graft growth and hair density. That means you get more hair for less along with better results at Surehair International.


You Be The Judge – Compare Our Client Results For Yourself.

We encourage you to take some time to learn more about our advanced hair transplant procedure and watch some of our client videos below, whether it’s our Uni-Strand® FUE hair transplant or our Uni-Strand® FUT hair transplant utilizing our trichophytic closure techniqe to minimize any linear scaring, we believe you simply will not find a better looking hair transplant result in Canada, at any price. Compare our client results and judge for yourself.

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Online Hair Loss Assessment

Schedule a free Online Hair Loss Consultation at Sure Hair via phone, Skype or in-person if you choose. Save $1500 during our Special. Offer Ends May 31 2022
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